Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Chickens and a Neurology Update

A friend suggested feeding the girls (chickens - not daughters 😏) freezer burned Salmon. We happen to have lots of salmon, it's been COLD, their egg production is slowing down a bit, and Kotori has picked this cold snap to molt. A bit of extra protein seems like a good plan. The girls loved it. 

Michael and I drove to Anchorage for lunch...and while we were there, he visited his neurologist. ::wink:: He's been having a lot of sleep trouble. They had new suggestions for training his brain to sleep, pushed exercise to slow the progression of Parkinsons and planned to raise his Sinemet to deal with increasing tremors.  The next month is going to be rough for Michael but we're hoping for good results.

As we talked, she looked over to check his tremors and asked, "Are you about due for your next Sinemet?" 

Michael replied, "No, I took it an hour ago. This is as good as it gets." 

We talked more and she commented high protein diets delay the absorption of Sinemet! WHAT? Seven years on this med and this is the first time anyone mentioned protein consumption in connection with Sinemet. The literature says to take it with food. He takes it with meals...and all his meals have protein. I mention this here in case you have a loved one on this med and have not heard about the protein connection.  She said it is hard to adjust the med as folks will say it works some days and not others...depends on what you are having for breakfast.  Michael asked if we could put off raising meds for a month so he can make these adjustments and see if THAT takes care of the problem. She agreed this was the best plan.  

We drove back into town with just enough time for me to grab my things and head to Ladies Bible Study. The girls (daughters not chickens😅) drove to youth as I'd miscommunicated about the time I needed to leave for church.  We were all happy to be back with our tribes.