Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photobucket Voting /Election Resources

I am in the process of pulling together a quick study on the voting process, elections etc. My older boys are very interested. The younger ones can be sucked in. ::snort::

In scanning my shelves I realize we have NO books on this topic. Would you share your favorite books on voting/election for the K-3 age range? Jr High? High School?

I have the excellent email going around about why women should vote - recounting what it took to win the right to vote. My Grams was not allowed to vote for the first several decades of her life. She used to tell me this story every election year. One of my great memories of grams was taking her down to the local high school to vote when she was in her 90's. She and I would joke that our votes would cancel each other out. Come to think of it anyone in town who saw us would joke about it. ::snort:: I was a conservative pastor's wife in the small town....she was a liberal - and very proud of it...but she was really not a social liberal.... In fact my uncle once asked WHY I took her down their each year since we cancelled each other out we may as well skip the fuss. Grams gave quite the lecture that day to her 60+ year old "boy". ::snort::

I found a free lapbook here. I have our "absentee voter" ballot from the primary election here - mine arrived while we were on vacation and I missed the chance to vote. I felt bad about that all day.

The older 3 will vote in a mock election. I am SERIOUSLY thinking of having some sort of mock election on a Friday produce co-op day so the younger kids can have fun "voting".

I just want a couple of books. I'm going to get The Ballot Box Battle from our library. But it's not ALL about women's right to vote, KWIM?

The older ones and I are checking out election video clips nightly.

Do you have a book or two to suggest? Or a DVD I could get from netflix?

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Photobucket School Today

Yes, we have life outside of school....but not much these days. LOL Some shots from the day.... Thanks for all the suggestions on King Arthur books. Sherri brought one to Bible Study for us to try. It's an adaptation of Howard Pyle. Looks more doable. I checked out the TOG manual again and noted that The Story of the Middle Ages is for the Jr High level - which may be why it puts Zander and Nolan to sleep. ::snort:: I enjoy it a lot. Arielle may use it later - but she really enjoys the Famous Men books and I've given her the choice. I think I'll read the Grueber books for myself. LOL

We began work on our science notebooks....
Arielle did story hour with the littles. She chose to read, "Crafty Chameleon". She had made printed out quite a few of the animals from the story and they colored and made hats.
I figured out why Jared is so stressed. He spent four hours reading selections from "Norton's Anthology of English Lit" instead of "Norton's Anthology of Western Lit". I meant to warn them that they'd be going back and forth between various anthologies this year.

Jamin takes the winning school moment for the day: TOG asks "What do you think this character was thinking....." Jamin's answer, "Well, his name was Skull Splitter, I don't think he was writing poetry and that axe wasn't for felling trees." ::snort:: Jamin is off until Saturday.

I continued to work on the massive "to do" list.

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Photobucket CATCHING UP

This is my attempt to catch you up on things other than school! LOL

Monday night was United Foods co-op. The truck broke down. This meant that it was a couple of hours late when I met the truck. That worked out fine. Bre was able to call and we had a fun conversation. Co-op went well. I'm still tweaking things to work for all. Thanks again, Heather and Niki, for your help with sorting.

Tuesday was a day of running here and there. Tuesday evening was PWOC Bible Study. Good STUFF. We talked about things that were redeemed in the Bible...then we talked about Jesus. We talked of how he met the conditions and fullfilled the duties to be our Kinsman/Redeemer. This is a really fun group. I KNOW I say that each and every year! BUT we have grown quite a bit in numbers, this makes for more varied discussions. A really cool thing God did for us this study is to bring a young bride into our midst whose family is from Israel....great new dimension. We really liked talking about "Bethlehem being stirred up" over the news of Naomi's return.

Wednesday - I've stayed home ALL day and worked on various projects that have to be done.

Mike is still at work - I think he'll be home around 7:30 and we'll visit a bit...then begin it all again tomorrow.

How are your fall schedules going? Mom are you adjusting o.k. to the new school year?

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Photobucket The Big Deal in our Home


Zander lost TWO teeth - that Arthur Mac and Cheese can be deadly! In all the other photos of the day the strange expressions are because he is trying to show off his missing teeth. LOL

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