Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello 2012 - Nice to Meet You

We are certainly going to have to work on some new holiday traditions. We USED to have traditions for New Years - it seems when the older kids left we lost some of our zeal for holidays. In our defense, silly string wars are more appealing in 70* weather than in 20* weather. ::snort::

These two are not very festive

Those of us who were awake and waiting for mid-night thought maybe this called for some relaxing times....and nothing says relaxing like FIREWORKS! 

It adds a bit of adventure to the proceedings when you can't read the directions or what to expect....we thought we were doing pretty well...until Jared had a stick that ended up shooting fireballs out the end.....singed him a bit.

I am still trying to decide which reading program I want to do personally this year. I have a lot of time in the word preparing for speaking and studying and so don't have the leisurely time to read through the word in 90 days etc.....still thinking. I began with the first reading in the chronological plan....Gen 1 -3. I read it aloud to Zander as he was up early. He had some GREAT theological stumper questions....and I journaled 5 pages.....great start. But then I didn't work out or have to school. LOL  Michael and I are talking about what reading schedule we want to do as a family...we are leaning to either the E100 (essential 100) or New Testament, Psalms/Proverbs as we are reading most of the Old Testament in school this year. I am planning a blog post with various reading lists linked. 

We headed for chapel. Michael did some work and the kids and I went out for breakfast then back to chapel. I have enjoyed 2011's theme "Living Faithfully" and I really like 2012's Protestant theme of "Walking Worthy".  Christina brought me sourdough starter - it's alive. As we talked about how to care for it Anna told me I wouldn't have to worry about stirring it as in Japan the quakes will take care of that for me. ::snort:: And two hours later....

I suppose Mother Nature was celebrating the New Year with some shaking of her own? ::grin:: 

Back at home I made the typical New Years Gyudon. We sat around and visited, we played with Yuuki and went on a long walk.....

Um.....two in one? 

Just after I clicked she saw a CAT - the chase was ON
Pulling Nolan on the ice... 

Michael looked down his nose at my Quelf answers..... Zander and I came up with a pretty nice limerick about a 5 armed man. This is a fun game. 

Bre Skyped in...the only family member we've managed to connect with on New Years.
Note: Helmet and paper on head are quelf directed

I started dough souring and think I made several key errors. Ah well - I have a year to learn this.

More fireworks were in order as EVERYONE was awake this time!
This man has had TOO MUCH vacation! ::snort:: 

WOW - that's a GREAT smile. I dream of seeing it more often! 

Pretty great expression here too! 

Jared chose to skip the 2nd night of pyromania - hmmmm.

It was a good day....long day as holidays which fall on Sunday are destined to be in a Pastor's family. 

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Yuuki Photo of the Day

Enjoying her adoption toy

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...