Saturday, February 18, 2023

February's Celebration

My Saturday began with a lot of kitchen prep work and then I ran out to meet with my Gather Table Group.  Gather Table is 6 women that gather for 2 hours once a month and discuss 4 quest(ions and more). It's our attempt to cut through Sunday morning small talk and develop some new authentic relationships. ANYWAY  - it was wonderful. 

When I came home Stacia and Allie had cleaned the house...and Stacia had made the Chicken Divan sauce. This afternoon/evening was our monthly family celebration. We had a LOT of birthdays and anniversaries this month. Jared missed his birthday last month as Noah was being born....we added him to this month...and threw in Noah as it was his .... Josiah, Livie, Nolan, Alex, and Jamin also had birthdays. BreZaak and us celebrated anniversaries.  Unfortunately, Jamin is in CA, Krista is in Guam, and Izaak, Nolan and Allie were working...we were missing 6+...but we had 22. LOL 

Livie, Jared and Noah, Alex, Josiah and Etta

📷by Larissa

Stacia made a smashmallow cake for Liv. 

Together we made a cookie dough ice cream cake for the others. 

I've gotten ahead of myself. Cy, Carrie, Liv and Etta arrived first.  Shortly after their arrive Cory, Arielle and the boys arrived. Benny wanted to know if I still had his skis here. Yes, I did!  Stacia suited up and went outside with them. 

Danny has never been a lover of the cold, but he seems to be more accepting this year. 
📷by Arielle

WAIT! Little Buddy is making off with the ski poles! I wish you could see his face in the next photo - soon. 
📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

Look at this little guy's face! Benny was EXCITED that the skis worked better this year. One more year of growth and they're perfect. We need to have him over more to ski around the yard. 
📷by Arielle

In no time at all Jared and Larrisa arrived with the star of today. This is Noah's first family celebration, and it was the first time for some to meet Noah.  Grandpa meets his newest great grandchild. 
Dad and Noah 📷by Larissa

Biggest smile Dad has had in a long time

Aunt Stacia and Noah 

Benny had met Noah when he helped Arielle deliver a meal but today - the little boys got to meet Noah. They were suitably impressed. 
📷by Larissa

Lots of playing going on....
📷by Carrie

While I scurried around with meal prep...and who knows WHAT else...Michael had some long, leisurely time to cuddle with Noah. 

Bre and her children arrived. Annie was fascinated with Noah. It was sweet to watch her little face. 

Jojo had to touch and rub his leg. 

I realized I don't have a photo of Trudy. Believe it or not she slept in her car seat through most of the day. LOL After Michael went down to the basement to work on a sermon, and everyone else went home I got snuggle time with Noah....and it was precious.  GG got more time with Noah too. Larissa snapped this 4 generation shot. Jared, Me, Noah and Dad. 
📷by Larissa

Such sweet moments. I'm glad JaRissa could stay a bit. 
📷by Larissa

We are all so excited for Larissa and Jared. There just aren't words. 
📷by Carrie

Annie kept coming back for new looks throughout the day. 
📷by Carrie

It's getting crowded when we meet inside. Spring/Summer/Fall are coming. 
📷by Carrie

Annie wanted to show me her darling dress. 

The steam breathing dragon is always a hit with the grands. 

We scheduled a couple of moose come by to entertain the children. 

Danny & Uncle Jared
📷by Larissa

Liv, Egga, Benny, Gideon, Bella 📷by Carrie

Larissa and Bre 📷by Carrie

We began looking around and counting. Eleven children. When we moved to Alaska our table was "full" with our children and Bella. Bre and Arielle were pregnant. Now, five years later the table is REALLY full with 11 kids and 11 adults...and 6 - 8 were missing. Times are changing. 

Thanks so much to Arielle, Carrie and Larissa for taking photos and sending them to me. It's fun to have different perspectives...though somehow we got not even one photo of Carrie or month.