Friday, February 22, 2008

WooHOO - It's Produce Friday!

Friday: Produce co-op. I bought a case of tangelos just for us this week. Produce co-op always means quick visits with lots of folks....power playdates for the night.

Nolan and Arielle had their first drama class today. They did this last spring and loved it. We've been debating all year about further classes. It's so hard to make the time on Fridays. This is an 8 week class on improv...She gives a great discount for siblings so we end up paying $6 per child per week for an hour of drama with a very top-notch professional. I guess that's good. I'll have to watch and listen to hear if Missoula Theater comes to town this summer.

Jared and I ran to the base gym and got 30 minutes of work-out in during drama class...then back to pick them up.

Jamin got called in to work. I need to go pick up Mike's car at the airport, but Josiah hasn't been home all day. I contemplated walking out to the airport, but Jamin and Jared both said it was too far to walk. I guess we'll do that tonight when Cy gets home "late" - "after mid-night". This is stock show/rodeo week in our town.

I did another 20 minutes of exercise. We made pizza.

Stacia in one of her new dresses - note the pretty hair ornament which she is determined to take out. This must be pay back for me torturing her with headbands and hats when she was too helpless to take them off. ::snort::
new dress

Our Jesus Tree *KIT* came today. Unfortunately, I hadn't focused on the fact that it is a kit! YIKES! I will NEVER get all these things cut out and assembled before Easter...and our next Ladies' Project Night at chapel isn't until 14 Mar. I may save this for next year, I think I used all my artsy-fartsy impulses on the wreath. LOL I must have been skimming by the time I got to the next to the last line, "The kit contains all of the felt, patterns and directions needed to make and use the Jesus Tree." ::Snort::Photobucket
Stacia and Zander had a collision. She's got a big red mark, a bit of swelling, and I suspect it's going to bruise. ugh.Photobucket

Someone asked where we hung our wreath. I tried the front door, but it was getting smashed with the storm door. I tried the pantry/coat closet door, but the door wouldn't shut with the wreath on it. I have it hung on the french doors that seperate the living room from the library (otherwise known as a family room). I think I like it there anyway as we see it more often during the day.

Mike and the girls are together. They are soon going to be joining with more family. I made some homemade chocolate popcorn and plan to shamelessly eat some while we watch "The Patsy." We like Jerry Lewis.

In the Air Again (Not to be Confused with On the Road Again)

Mike left this a.m. to fly to Oregon. He will be speaking twice Sunday at the church that my parents attend, the church where I was dedicated, and where we were married.
Monday he will speak at Eugene Bible College - which is where we met and where Mike earned his bachelor's degree. He'll be preaching "real" messages, but also representing the chaplaincy.
The girls are driving down from Spokane to be able to see Mike. (I'm over my pouting jealousy, BTW). Mike's parents are driving up from California to see him. One of his sisters lives in Eugene as well as my brothers and parents. He'll be juggling for sure. ::snort::
If you are so led here are some specific things you can pray about: God's word to clearly be spoken and heard in all services, if there are some meant to be military chaplains that they will clearly hear and heed that call, family time for Mike, good father/daughter time.
Thanks all!