Friday, July 03, 2015

Three Successes and a Fail

This girl was NOT going to take a vacation from Summer School. ::grin::  Today we did four experiments.....
We checked the freezing point of four different liquids

Neither guessed Jello would freeze first....we're waiting to see if one of their guesses as to which would freeze last is correct. Success.

In this one we were to explore an amorphous solid - it didn't work - and then I tasted it.
Yep! We learned you can't substitute powdered sugar for corn starch. Fail. We'll try this one again.
Success - we demonstrated how atoms like to stick together.
Alex wanted this one to succeed - and it did. We learned about surface tension and floated  a needle.

We finished science in time for me to go with Michael to Sacramento for his brain scan.  We picked up Papa Murphy's on the way home and are settling in to watch Independence Day.