Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heatwave in TX

I got an email that told me that Jamin had stirred up some controversy in our town. Jamin wrote a letter to the editor in which he stated some pro-life sentiments. The main gist is that we don't need more public funding, in a time of economic woes, for abortion. Wow.....I wish I knew who LD seems that our family has been labeled and discussed...and LD - bless you, whoever you are, for knowing us and jumping into the fray.

If any want to read Jamin's letter, feel free. You have to register to comment. We thought he did a good job.

Unfortunately, it's degraded to the point now where a pro-lifer is calling the pro-choice member pond scum and the pro-abortion is calling the pro-lifer "nut jobs who should have been victims of abortion". I think THAT may constitute a threat.....

Choosing Joy!
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What are the advantages of getting my own domain? It's cheap through blogger/google...$10 for a year. I see that it says I can add email, IM, calendar etc - but I already have all that.

If I change my blog to a domain name would all those who are linked to not2many.blogspot be automatically directed to the new domain? They say it will work that way. ::snort::

Why have some of you done this?

Why have some of you not done this?

Pros? Cons?

Being military and preparing for a move, I'm setting up the emails and such that will STAY when we leave wondering....if I bought this domain for $10 it sounds like I could also have our email addresses through THAT....why that instead of say a GMail account?

Tell me what you know, please. Choosing Joy is taken but I'm thinking of others that would work. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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True Love Celebrates 25 Years!

I have the honor of sharing life with a man whom I greatly respect. I've seen him guard his integrity and heart in situations where others have "covered their own tails" through "white lies" and whining. I've watched him "bounce his eyes," give up things he loved for the sake of integrity, follow the spirit not only the law of "rules" in his life and serve his family well.

I've watched this man fulfill his vow of 25 years ago to "love {me} as Christ loves the church." Mike has served his family, through hard work to provide for us, through endless read alouds, pitching in when he can see I'm overwhelmed, releasing me to minister to women, and above all being mindful of his responsibility to shepherd his family as well as his flock.

I have come to respect and love this man so much that one of my prayers for my daughters is that they some day meet a man who will love, cherish and nurture them, just as their father has me.

We've had good times and bad times, as all marriages do. A few things I've learned over the years:

  • love is a choice
  • love is about service, commitment and loyalty
  • love is a verb - an action word
  • Forget the 50/50 thing and give 100% - you won't out give love
  • Be quiet and let your husband hear God's voice
  • Speak up when God tells you to (um - you'd best be listening to God)
  • Our mission is "oneness" and "intimacy" as we seek to raise "godly seed" - we've had to get under that mission. We've both had to sacrifice to see the mission of a godly family thrive.
  • Submission (under the mission) is a response to Christ-like love
  • There is no set "look" that all marriages must have
  • Treat your mate like a nag and he (she) will be a nag
  • Treat your mate like royalty and he (she) will act like royalty
  • Set water bottles on the nightstands BEFORE you get into bed
  • Big weddings make for fun photos, but if one of our children wants to get married jumping out of an airplane or at the ocean - we'll be there. The setting doesn't matter - the commitment for life does.

I can't imagine what life would have been like these past decades without you in my life, Mike. God truly blessed me when He orchestrated events in such a way that a certain upper class man would notice a slightly spacey freshman MK. (Yes - I'm blaming the whole incident on HIM). You've been such a positive influence in my life. I treasure your insight and wisdom. I treasure your confidence and trust and love. I treasure you.

Some of my favorite photos:


Reconnected with Cindy via Facebook


Yes, Christmas Wedding on Valentine's Day. That's a story for another day. I already have the photos uploaded now. ::snort:: To my left is my Dad. Yep, Daddy married me. On the far right, the tall blond is my oldest brother. My youngest brother is not in this photo. I'll have to look for a photo with him. I've threatened him that it will show up on FB. LOL


I was not as big as this dress makes me look, this was the 80's and it was a lotta dress. I am, however, this short in heels.



Due to illness beyond our control, our anniversary get away is not happening....but we'll get away sometime. Regardless, we still celebrate today 25 years of God's faithfulness to us through the gift of marriage.

Choosing Joy!
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