Thursday, February 09, 2012

Romance, Skype and Nerf Guns

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! 

Today started bright and early as Arielle and I went to base with Michael. Arielle helps with Moppets. I'm a MOPS mentor mom....but today I spoke to the ladies about "Keeping Romance Alive in the Midst of Chaos." I think it went well - I had fun. ::big grin:: 

Christie (the mother of KELBY) offered us a ride home. Kelby was excited to have a bit more time with Arielle. We ran by the commissary and then home.

This afternoon I had a 2 hour Skype with Asia Region's PWOC Board.

I went through my pantry in preparation for tomorrow's adventure.

We did TWO days of table school.

I made dinner. We ate.

Akikosan arrived for Japanese lessons.

That's it - a day. I leave you with this photo. I found Zander this a.m. admiring Nolan's new  Nerf gun. He wanted a big Nerf gun for Christmas, when we were in the states. We didn't want to carry it back to Japan. He somehow talked Krista into sending him HER old Nerf gun. (See the photos from yesterday). He has been ruling the house with it....but now Nolan has THIS.....

We talked about not coveting someone else's things. We talked about rejoicing when someone gets something you'd like to have...and knowing that if God wants you to have it - you will have it at the "right time" - the "appointed season".....he sort of got it but I can tell he really wants THIS one. What he doesn't know is there is a matching one in our closet waiting for HIS birthday.

I must admit I'm a bit green with envy over this gun too - and I'm thinking I may need to arm the rest of the family for some rip roaring Nerf Tag this spring.

Choosing Joy!
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