Sunday, February 21, 2010

Safe Wars and Roses

Renee told me she understands we're either both psycho or I'm o.k. Sunday's are simply hard when your husband is a chaplain and away. Most the week you simply move on, get a routine...but on Sunday so many things remind you that your husband is not with you.....and while this is NOT the real thing feels like the real thing. I love our chaplains. We had a great service today....but knowing that we're gearing up for a longish separation, it was hard.

Mike always gives the girls and I "Deployment roses". I get 1/2 a dozen. I always dry them. He gives me the remaining 1/2 dozen when he returns. I didn't get roses this time...because again...he'll be home in a few weeks. I have realized that the roses are a nice touch in that first week of adjustment. I hadn't mentioned this to anyone.

Kyle came and called Jared away at the end of worship. I figured they needed him in the sound booth or something. It happens. At the end of the service, Jared walked up and gave me THESE.
From 2010-02-21
Arielle, Jared and Nolan had purchased them. They thought I may be lonely at chapel. Isn't that incredibly, amazingly, sweet?
At a chapel service we take prayer requests. Zander has been telling me each day how many days it will be before Uncle Nate arrives. The kids are SO excited to have time with him. I'm so very thankful he's coming and that Mike suggested he come visit. Zander raised his hand. I asked him what he was going to say - just sort of a good idea with Zander. He said, "Pray that Uncle Nate has a safe trip." I agreed. He left his hand up and was the last one that was called on. He must have spent the time thinking.

"Alexander? What would you like us to pray for?"

"Pray Dad has a safe war."

Choosing Joy!
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