Tuesday, April 10, 2018

First Kill of the Year

Today is MOPS day. That means its Bella Day at Gemmas. She showed up in darling rain boots and I promised to take her on a walk.  Tuesdays are one of my two laundry days -  we got some laundry sorted and started, picked up a bit, and then I could put her off no longer. Arielle and Benny decided to come with us.  

FIRST KILL of the season. The walk began with me rescuing Arielle from the first mosquito of the season. We need to get those mosquito magnets....must get on line and scope them out. 

The lure proved to great and Cory joined us for our walk around the mile loop. Bella had a blast....and showed off her boots in great glory.

  Here the four of them chill....Michael and I were busy.

We got serious about planning out where everything is going to go....some of the things we have in the dream stage - a guest cabin - won't be here for  years, but we'd like to have a plan so we don't end up moving things from place to place.  Michael and Alex spent some time chipping a path through the ice. 

Benny seems a bit worried about Mama's homework. 

He really loves the bananas....

I topped the day off with women's Bible study. We have a great group of ladies-  fun, authentic, caring....and the study is good too.