Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Photobucket Meeting FRIENDS

Nearly 10 years ago Cindy and myself began a yahoo homeschool list. Our vision was to be a spot of mininstry and support to moms in their ministry in both their homeschools and their homes. Thus, Support4Home(&)School (SHS - link in the side bar).

I had the joy today of meeting a dear friend of nearly 10 years - Linda and her kids. They drove out of their way to come see us! Everyone hit it off - and truly - it was like we'd always known each other. The boys talked CAP, the girls were the same ages and hit it off...I know Mike and Greg would have hit it off, but he's home earning money. LOL Go here to see more photos.

Here are a few photos:

Linda (r), De'Etta (middle) and Linda's kids and 5 of mine

Linda's Carys giving Jared a high 5

Stacia and Mike

Firepole - do they do field trips any longer where kids can slide down the firepole? Photobucket

Chase, Carys & Arielle

Mike, Landon, Jared


Photobucket Catching Up!

It's been a busy week. Mike got home from the chapel sometime after 2 a.m. last night (or maybe that would be this a.m.) He had today off as he gave another Chaplain Friday off. He and Jared spent most the day putting our little pond in. I'm taking photos but haven't time to get that post all together yet.

I bought a composter. Now I need to find some barnyard manure.

We did our Friday/Sat cleaning and laundry today since Mike was off. We'll do school on Friday this week as produce co-op is cancelled this week too.

I can't remember all that I've been doing this week - but it's been a BLUR. ::snort::

Some photos from the past couple of days:
Hauling Groceries (United Co-op) Monday

Color in the Yard

Arielle has taken over watering flowers and filling feeders; she's very excited about planting a garden.

Look what they're doing! Who cares if they are plain!!! Note Nolan's hair...

Because I gave him a cut and wasn't wearing my glasses. I thought I had 4 and had 2....then couldn't find the 1 and shaved him - but in the end I like it....
And it made this boy ...
Ask for THIS - though he asked not to go very short in the back

While folks built the pond Nolan and Arielle raked

Pond photos tomorrow - maybe.


Photobucket Passover Dinner Menu

Ideas? I'm not talking about the Seder - that I get. I'll HAVE to buy horseradish, a lamb shank, make charoset and I have celery. ::snort:: I'll begin looking tomorrow for a lamb shank and I'm not sure where I'll find that locally....but I will. Oh yeah - sparking grape juice.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around something for dinner. I mean it seems it should be more than spaghetti or pizza......but most places are saying lambchops or chicken noodle soup. I don't see any going for soup.....Would you just choose a meal your family enjoys as the focus isn't food anyway?????

Also - has anyone used the haggadah from "A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays"? I'm wondering how long it takes and if we'd be best doing a "simple seder" - just explaining the symbols and telling the story from the children's Bible. BUT for the older ones I think it would be more meaningful to do the traditional Seder.

Update: I did find a local pecan place that also sells lamb. I can buy lamb chops or lamb another'd have to COOK the lamb shanks to have a shank for the seder plate - right? Do you just keep dinner warming (and drying out) while you do the Seder? And HOW DO YOU COOK LAMB SHANK????? or CHOPS for that matter? AND...will the kids eat it???????


Photobucket Praying

There is currently a national news story, that I'm sure many have followed. The story of the raid at the FLDS ranch. The story is heartbreaking from so many angles. It is full of thorny issues on all sides, and there are no easy answers. Since this all began, I've been led to pray for all involved.

Tomorrow will be an important court case. Please keep this matter in prayer. Pray for the children, the mothers, the commune members (who need to come to know Jesus). I'm not sure that the national media is reporting this but 6 mothers chose to go to a "safe location" rather than return to the ranch. Pray that Christians will come into their lives who can lovingly share the Truth with them. Pray for their courage and support.

Pray for the medics, first responders, CPS workers, judges and lawyers. The amount of hours that this has added to the work load of these people is amazing. The judge needs the wisdom of Solomon.

Pray about the legal precedents that this case could set and that due process would be followed. Yes, something needed to be done.....but there are issues here that concern me.

Pray for the city of San Angelo - which is a small TX town. Their resources to feed, house, provide lawyers, volunteers, lodging et al has been stretched.

Pray for the children who may end up in Foster Care without the hope of adoption as the legal appeals are processed.

Pray for Sarah, the 16 yo who called in for help. Pray that if she is with the other children, she will find the courage to speak up once more, and that if she is elsewhere she would be found. Pray for her emotions as she has watched what flowed from her call for help. I have read that there are medical records of her past treatment leading one to believe that she does exist.

Above all pray for God's soverein hand to reign in the proceedings about to begin.


A day of Firsts

I've recently become a team member at Homeschool Blog Awards. My assignment is to interview a past winner and post that once a month. I've posted my first interview - it's with Mama Archer and you can read it here. If you've not visited HSBA recently, you should visit. We have a whole new look, focus has changed to "Encouraging, Informing and Connecting the Homeschool Community". To that end there are now daily posts full of all sorts of helpful and/or interesting homeschool "things". Hey, I even have an About Me page. I know this is silly but involved stepping out of my comfort zone and learning how to use Word Press. ::snort::

I already blogged my first WFMW post.

Today I will meet a cyber friend and her family for the first time.

Jamin has published his first online article. If that link doesn't take you directly to an article titled "Are you Shy; The Corner", scroll down.

I realize I've not blogged "life" in a couple of days, but I'll try to have photos and such before the day is out.


Conquering the Sock Chaos

This is my very first Works For Me Wednesday entry. If you'd like to read 200 or so other helpful tips on literally any topic under the sun, hope on over to Rocks in My Dryer to read what works for others today.

Hey, I just realized I can turn this into a Big Family Myth entry as well. ::snort:: Myth: With a family of 11 laundry is a chore and most assume that I have piles of laundry spewing from every corner of the home. This is not so. I've learned a few tips to manage Mt. Neverrest (though I do 3 - 5 loads a day). One simple trick.....

Turn this:

To this:

Yes, I've trained my family from Dad - 6 yo to pin their socks at the toes before throwing them in the hamper. This saves me TIME - no tedious sock matching and folding. This saves me money - my dryer seems to balk at eating socks in pairs. At one point in time, I had a different color pin for each family member - but we outgrew the color scheme provided for diaper pins. Our young men and my husband were frustrated by having socks mixed up - so now the boys pin at the top and Dad at the toe....

I enforce this system by telling all that those who do not match up their socks are the ones who will have to tame the sock bag (sort all the unpinned socks in the sock sack).