Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday....

We have some specific educational goals in mind and will probably school to some degree throughout the "summer". An interesting tidbit is that kids here school until the end of July. They get about a month off. When in Rome....

You know you are on the right track when your little ones BEG to do school. I'm not sure why I tried to keep us all combined; this is working so well for all of us.

Tuesday is PWOC day. This summer we are doing different things on each Tuesday and I'm enjoying the switch up. This week was breakfast and prayer. Tara did an excellent job focusing us on who God is, who we are in Christ, praying individually and praying corporately. We are blessed a Children's Ministry Coordinator for MOPS and PWOC was hired in June. YES - this makes it much easier to pull off a summer program. LOL  Here's a photo of Arielle dancing with some of the PCOCs.

In addition to school, Arielle had small group on Wednesday. This group has been a true God send for her. I thank God for godly women in their 20's willing to invest into the lives of youth....pretty cool really that PWOC ministers to her leader on Tuesday and her leader ministers to younger gals the next day....legacy at it's best. This was the last meeting before they break for summer. I used the 2 hours as my allotted "PWOC hours" for the day.

I finished the day off with friends at a new-to-me Thai restaurant, Phadas. One of the summer activities of our local PWOC is a book club. This was our first night. It was great fun.  Mary had chosen, "The Heart of Memory" by Alison Strobel, Lee Strobel's duaghter. It was a thought provoking, as well as easy, read.  I found it interesting most of us had dowloaded the book to either a pc, kindle, ipad or iphone to read.  The next book is C. S. Lewis', "The Great Divorce". I'm trying to find that one as a free download without much luck. I may have to buy it. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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