Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Jared and Larissa Arrive

Jared and Larissa arrived Sunday after chapel.
It didn't take long for Jared to realize that Zander is a tougher wrestling opponent these days!

Monday the boys embarked on a day long game of Risk. It was a draw. 
Larissa and Stacia played a variety of games and created "these."
I needed to "do something" - so brought all the photos from the hobby closet. I have about 14 years of photos that need to be put in albums.  I worked on it while the kids played games - good solution. I  need to run to a store and find a better adhesive. The Creative Memory Tape I have is evidently too old....very weak....I'm making it work but it's  a chore. I'll run out soon anyway.
I had M&M's today....which turned into a lovely connecting opportunity. I stopped by the commissary for ingredients to make Beef Stroganoff per Jared's request.  It's been COOL the last couple of days. We took advantage and played in the park.

Larissa has never watched Star Wars. We've been watching one a day. Michael is busy at base....and keeping appointments.

We may go find something to do tomorrow. LOL

Retirement Ceremony in 10 days!

Arielle Update

A fun aspect of having Gherkins out of the home are SKYPES!  It's a red-letter day when we get to Skype with kids.....and it provides me with a photo for a Mommy Post on Arielle.
BreAnne, Arielle and Me (the shoulder angel)

In one short week she has managed to register the car in OR, start a bank account, pass her DMV test, argue with DMV about the authenticity of her birth certificate - and win, try out a new church and find a job.

Find a job? Yep! Arielle is the newest employee of Fred Myers!!!!  She commits to 12 hours a week and can work more hours as her college schedule allows.  Way to go, Baby Girl.

AND.....Sunday she marched herself into a Japanese church....it always takes a bit of moxie to walk into a new church where you know no one.....but she wanted to visit this one. The sermon was in Japanese - which she enjoyed. It was fellowship Sunday so she got to talk to lots of people and eat lots of yummy Japanese food. She met a couple that works with International Students Inc. and exchanged info.

Not bad for one week, Arielle. I can't wait to tell Nikki you went to the Japanese church. She was asking if you had on Sunday.

Izaak loves Skype with his inlaws too - or at least he humors us!