Monday, November 08, 2021

Busy Day

No respite care today. I woke up feeling overwhelmed and realized how wonderful those few hours on Monday really are.  We had told Arielle not to come as she and her guys will be here for two nights and three days this weekend. 

Michael and I spent time this afternoon going over slides, notetakers, and notes for the upcoming parenting workshop we will be facilitating for JBER. 

I had saved my notes from the last workshop - and I can't figure out what in the world I was trying to remember. ::snort::  Michael suggested it might be better for me to start clean. LOL 

The girls finished school and began another painting project...I think I need to find more things like this for them to do during winter. I love seeing projects in this downstairs room - it's what our vision was for the room. 

We are currently reading Frankenstein. None of us have ever read this book. ::blush:: It's been a surprise. We are enjoying it and it is certainly leading to some fun conversations.  I'm enjoying Brit Lit quite a bit...once we got out of the lop of the head/poetry genre. 

Stacia, Allie, Nolan, Alex, Grandpa, Michael 

Michael and I were working into my dinner prep time. Tacos are a favorite of his and so we threw together Tacos for dinner. I keep ingredients for a few meals that are easy to throw together on busy nights. Tonight was a special dinner as EVERYONE was home. We had gone months without Nolan at home, but he's getting a bit more time off these days.