Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Random Bits & Pieces - That's a LONG flight to VA

When taking compost out in -15* temps, anything liquid will freeze before you reach the compost pile.  My girls (16 hens) are not appreciating this cold. at.all. They continue to bravely lay 12 - 15 eggs a day, and I check every few hours to avoid another dozen frozen eggs. 

Shortly into the day, this arrived.  Krista landed in Seattle and was settling in for her 5 hour layover. 

Bre reports that Bella needs tea in the morning with her breakfast. It makes me smile to see her enjoy the tea cup. 

We are sliding into our normal routine this week. For me, this meant getting out calendars and prepping handouts for our Jonah study, which we began this evening. There was also laundry and a bit of baking.

Alex and Stacia hit the books - hard!

At 4:25 p.m. EST, Krista finally landed in Raleigh NC.  After the drive to Lynchburg, she was reunited with her room-mates. Boxes....because Maria (2nd from left) has purchased a home and they will be moving.

When we had the truck checked by the mechanic, he noted a few things that needed to be done. We were able to get the amount for repairs and a bit more reduced on the price of the truck. Michael took the truck to Anchorage for repairs. It ended up taking much longer than he expected and he was in town all day. Josiah brought him back out to the valley as he was looking at a trailer out here tonight. If anyone is counting - this is the 3rd day in a row with a trip to Anchorage....and we'll be going to pick up the truck tomorrow. :snort:: 

I headed to Bible study. It's going to be good to share thoughts together from the book of Jonah. Stacia made pot pie for her and the boys.

It's been a full day - everyone is heading to bed. I blogged - therefore, I lived. ::snort::

G'nite all.