Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No Catchy Title Comes to Mind

I took a break from stocking the freezers, to pay bills. I'm not sure WHY this takes all day - but it does.

I also put in a Produce Co-op order.

Mike is still at work. Stacia fell asleep at 7:30 p.m. and I'm praying she STAYS down because if she wakes up now it will be a sleepless night for both of us.

I redeemed the day by playing ImagineIFF with Jared, Arielle, Nolan and Zander. The older two young men are at work. I took cookie dough out of the freezer and made enough cookies for everyone to have 2 cookies.

I think I'll go pick out a new book to read....
Summer Reading Challenge Winners

Today is "book drawing day" in our house.

Debbie in NY wins Miserly Moms

What? Debbie in NY again for Intimate Faith

We HAD to draw another winner so - we have more copies....

Mamabright wins Intimate Faith as well

I'll be contacting you for your shipping address.

Remember, new books posted on Saturday for next week's giveaway.
(I thought I'd just comment here)

**Do you always do yours in glass pans.

I have been because it is easier to judge when they are done.... I was using Pampered Chef pans but they got SOOO big that I couldn't fit them in any bread bags that I could buy. LOL

**Do you make slice marks across the top when you roll it to put in the pans?

Yes....I'm trying a new mark down the middle means Italian, 3 diagonal means 7 grain bread.

**Do you rise in the Bosch first and then in the pan later?

I use the sponge method. You're going to kill me....I don't rise for long periods at all. I put the liquids in my Bosch with some of the flour and let it sit for 15 -20 min. Then I add the salt and rest of flour, shape into loaves, place into a pre-heated to warm (170*) and then turned OFF oven for 20 minutes (longer if needed). The process is explained more in the recipe.

** Does your bread rise just as well with the Pampered Chef pans or the glass?

It rises the same. One thing is that if the dough doesn't "feel" right, instead of 5 loaves, I'll shape 4. With the PC pans I get 3 giant loaves. I love the PC pans but I have found that my family will devour bread at the same rate - regardless of loaf I'd rather have 5 normal than 3 giant. LOL

I've been playing with the recipe and if needed (out of gluten), I lower the water amount and add an egg per loaf.