Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Was a Monday...

Have you ever had a day that felt like a struggle from beginning to end? That would be yesterday. In the interest of protecting the identities of various off-spring I will not say more. I forgot my method of coping with such days. I SHOULD HAVE HID IN THE BATHROOM - MY PRAYER CLOSET. Instead, I kept trying to "fix" things. I wasn't a wild success. By late afternoon my communication had deteriorated to one word "fine" - "fine" - "fine."  Imagine this word accompanied by a snippy tone, a hand on the hip, and HUGE eye rolling. ::snort::

Last night was our United co-op order. WOW. We've gotten large (5K order - 2K of it was our group's). It took 3 1/2 hours to meet the truck, inventory, sort to various groups (4) and come home. I arrived home at the same time that I'd told others to pick up their stuff at our home. Everyone was GREAT and jumped right in to help. Sorting is a bit eye-straining with our new system - but it got done. We are moving to separate weeks for each individual group to order, and I think that will speed up the time it takes to meet the truck. We'll only have to inventory at the truck and sort once at home.

The end to my trying day, my medicinal treats did not come in. I guess someone thought I could do without a case of dark chocolate (DARK CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEART) almonds (also GOOD for your heart). ::Sigh:: Maybe next month. ::snort::