{A real homeschooling entry, because, in the end, I AM a homeschooler. This exercise displayed WHY we were behind in TOG - we've spent a lot of time on lapbooks. BUT the boys have remembered a lot more than they would have from simply going through the curriculum....AND they review without prompting quite often! ::snort::}

This page is an index and will be linked under pages in the sidebar.

If you think you may be too uncrafty to use this method....I suggest you click the "lapbook/folder game" category in the side bar and read some of my earlier posts. I literally have had to find youtube video clips to watch to figure out how to fold a folder. ::snort::

I have compiled a list of lapbook resources which you can view here.

In some of these earlier posts I simply shared the children's accomplishments and didn't think to include links for resources. I'm making sure to do that now in case others are doing a google for a specific lapbook. Other's blog have been incredibly helpful to me!

Thanksgiving Lapbook - our very FIRST - Nov 2006
Election Process Lapbook - October 2008
Nativity & Christmas Lapbooks - December 2008
Nolan's Knight Lapbook - Winter 2008
Viking Lapbooks - February 2009
Stacia's First Lapbook - February 2009 ::snort::
Moving Lapbook - March 2009
Resurrection Lapbook - April 2009
Passover Lapbook - April 2009
Our Japanese Lapbook - May 2009

Currently working on:
Princess Lapbook
Zoology 2 - ongoing

{Humph! It appears many of the words in this post are not real words - but I bet homeschoolers know what most of them mean! LOL}

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