Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Random August Post/ First Day School Pictures

 A highlight of August was Walt, Dad's childhood friend, visiting. Walt, his wife, his daughter and her family came up. We enjoyed spending time with friends....

Cookie Dough Wars of 2021 

Organic anyone? LOL 

Millie chews incessantly on her foot. We've tried everything. The girls have taken to putting socks on her. 

The garden this year has had lots  of green - but very little produce. I was happy to begin to see something besides kale and radishes coming from the plot. 

There is one lone fireweed in my garden. I would like to encourage fireweed on our property, but didn't envision them in THIS spot....I'm going to see if I can harvest seed....and since this hasn't even bloomed to the top....maybe the termination dust on our mountain is dead wrong about the season. LOL 

Michael puts his college job experience to use. The windows are always so nice when he is done with them. 

 Bre sent this photo of Gideon (4)  and JoJo (9 months)

Late August marks the start of the school year up here. August 19th found school doors opening. Two of our daughters are schooling their kids at home this year. 

BreZaak's Bella, is 5 years old and in Kindergarten this year. They've joined a state accredited charter school - one option of homeschooling in Alaska. The family selects all their curriculum and submits quarterly work samples. In return, they receive an allotment to cover the secular portions of their curriculum and any activities which fit in with their student's ILP (Individual Learning Plan). 
Gideon is in Pre-school.  Since Bella is enrolled in a charter school, he is able to enroll as well. 

Benny (CoRielle's) is also in preschool. They do a lot of hands-on activities, library trips, books, books, books and he loves to cook. 

Stacia is beginning her junior year and here is a random photo I have. 

I do not have a random photo of Allie from the first day of school, but she hasn't stopped schooling since moving into our home. It is fitting for her "first day of school" picture to be completion certificate for either Biology or Pre-Alg; both completed this summer. Go, Allie! 

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