Monday, August 30, 2021

2021 State Fair

Today was THE opportunity to visit the 2021 Alaska State Fair. There wasn't a fair in 2020. We drove up just as Jamin drove up. CyRi met us there. Michel and Alyse stopped in too. They headed out early to catch their flight. 

Michael and De'Etta

Allie, Stacia and Livie

Carrie, Cy and Liv

Dad wasn't sure he wanted to go to the fair. We told him we WANTED him to come with us. We didn't insist on Hatcher's Pass yesterday as we knew he'd been up there with Walt and Judy last week.  We told him the wheelchair would be best due to all the walking. 

Livie and Cy had fun smashing into Jamin and Michel. 

I wonder if the boys were remembering bumper cars at Mr. Gatti's in San Angelo, TX. I was. 

Jamin certainly isn't afraid to be himself. LOL 

We looked at exhibits, watched a few demonstrations, played bumper cars and ATE. 

Yes, there ARE big vegetables grown in Alaska. They can't possibly TASTE very good, but they're big by George.  We happened in while they were weighing this mammoth squash. The winner was grown by Dale Marshall and weighed in at 1,603.5 lbs.  In looking over this article, I think this MAY be the winning pumpkin after all. 

We finally figured out fair food. One simply gets everything, takes a bite or two, and passes it on! It was the first time I've been to the fair, ate all the fair food, and wasn't overly satiated at the end of the day. This turkey leg wasn't shared. I think this was Jamin's. We did share candy, popcorn, funnel cake, licorice ropes and cookies.  We topped it all off with a milk shake from Soda Jerk

The last week has been busy, full, fun. We were content, tonight, to sit around the campfire and visit.  

It was a fun day shared with loved ones. 

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