Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Afternoon Tea (& Summary of a Full Day)

The highlight of my day was continuing my quest to successfully introduce the next generation to the wonders of afternoon tea. While Bre took Trudy, Gideon and Bella to a well-child check...these two and I had a tea party. 

Jojo (Josiah) and Annie

Annie and I took our tea outside so she and Jojo could ride bikes too. They have a new plant and picnic table...nice additions. 

In the background you can see CoRielle's home (blue one) - which Nolan and Alex lease. 

I ran over to drop off eggs with a gal and then to a neighbor's home to pick up some produce she wanted to share. I raced home expecting Krista would be out to interview Michael and for dinner. Plans changed so we settled in for dinner and the first night in a long time when all five us were home...

OH - other highlights of the day...I had a sourdough round which over-proofed. It looked like a flying saucer. We have plenty of nice ones in the freezer. The chickens thought it was a wonderful treat. 

I didn't get my cuppa chai in the garden or greenhouse today...but I did move some seedlings into the house under the grow light, weeded 3 beds, moved cardboard into the garden and cleaned up the greenhouse a bit. 

Michael had an appointment today. He hooked up water to the greenhouse and garden (I'll have to grab a photo tomorrow) and did a few other things which I missed as I was out running around. 

Stacia went to therapy this afternoon (Allie saw her therapist yesterday) and to the library. The receptionist at the therapist's think there may be a way for the Victims of Violent Crime to pay for the co-pays. They've given me some new numbers to try, I've previously been told our co-pays would come off the total amount they'd pay out for Carrie and the girls. The receptionist seems quite sure that is not the way it is supposed to work.  I'll add that to the list of phone calls I keep forgetting to make. ::snort:: Seriously, it's GARDENING SEASON I can't be making phone calls. I'm trying. I've got messages out to 4 lawyers...I better try to make some calls in the morning. 

Allie took her new guitar to get strings put on it, and to drop off library books.  

Cory came over and finished getting the electric fence up and working. This usually helps with the moose. They learn to avoid the garden. He also worked to tame the part of the garden we are not planting this year. All the brown is area he burned. We hope to figure out a fence which would keep the chickens in that section and out of the rest of the garden. They'd keep the grass down and enjoy doing it. 

Though there were moments of this job Cory seemed to enjoy. 

Cory also began rototilling the devil's club. This is our NEWEST attempt to kill the stuff. It is moving out of the wood and into our's NASTY stuff. NOTHING we've tried has worked. We'll see if this does. 

Check this out - just because it's odd. While cleaning up Allie dropped a fry - look were it landed. I told her it's probably time to plan that shopping trip she's been avoiding. LOL