Monday, May 27, 2024

Memorial Day

I had hoped to work in the garden today - but it rained. I DID go sit in the greenhouse with my cuppa chai. ::grin:: 

Most everyone around here had a slow wake up. Stacia went to watch BreZaak's kids so they could go out on a date. 

Jared and Noah arrived around 1 p.m. It was fun to visit...Larissa is away on a work trip and the guys will be going duo this week. 

Hello, guys! 

We visited and played.  I called Arielle to see if she and Cory could help me out so that I could volunteer for co-op (I was signed up as back up). They were about to go hike the Butte. I suggested they stop by drop off Ellie - which they did. 
Jared and Noah 

Jared & Noah 

Ellie @ 2 months

Noah and Allie

Jamin arrived and we kept visiting. CoRielle came back from their hike...The boys and Cory hiked the Butte last week, but this was Arielle's first trip up since having Ellie. I shamelessly got these from Arielle's story.  As a side note - may I say it makes me happy every time I post a photo of Charles and don't have to put an emoji over his face! LOL 

Arielle and Benny 

Three proud boys! 

Jenni dropped by. CoRielle and the boys came to retrieve Ellie. They stayed to visit and play. 
Cory, Danny, Benny

I had started some chili this morning. Everyone stayed for an impromptu dinner. As often happens people congregate in the kitchen/dining room. 

We do have a perfectly accessible living room. 
Allie, Nolan, Stacia
Danny, Noah, Charles

Jamin and Jenni ducked out. CoRielle ducked out. Noah discovered the Magna doodle and he LOVED it. 

Jared and Noah went home.  GG went to bed. The rest of us played Ransom Note. The game is always different - even when you get the same prompts. 
Stacia, Allie, Nolan, Michael 

It was an unexpectedly fun and social day.