Saturday, June 08, 2024

A Beautiful Saturday

Ah the sweet, simple joys of summer. Is there anything more relaxing than watching a garden sprinkler after a good bit of work in the garden? The white box in the corner of the nearest bed is a "bug hotel" Benny made at the library. He brought it over for the garden. 

It's been a lazy and glorious day. Everyone else slept in...which means I had time to dig into Habakkuk. GG didn't wake up until after 10 a.m.  We took advantage of the nice afternoon to hang out on the deck. 

While on the deck we heard GG talking to friends on the phone. It seems he would love to go on a walk, but no one around here will take him. We can rarely cajole him into a walk. Nolan showed up to hang out. I suggested he and the girls take GG for a walk.  GG couldn't turn them down as we'd heard his desire to go for a walk. ::snort:: He actually went WAY further with them than he goes with me. We may keep sending them out on this endeavor. 
Stacia, Nolan & GG 📷by Allie

Michael continued to work on our stubborn sink. I weeded the final garden bed, assembled a solar powered wind truck thingy, washed and folded garden bed covers, and moved a motorcycle to the garden. 

Final bed weeded 

When one sows directly into the ground, one does not always know what is a weed and what is a plant. I have learned I have to let the weeds just grow until I can tell the difference. I was reaching to pull this weed when I realized - it's right where I sowed beans! 

Today's's a start. 

Stacia's thrift store find!

The girls and Nolan came out and kept me company while I weeded and such. At one point left over sodas were brought out. We even had a sugar free cream soda. I enjoyed it...yes, I wear an apron in the garden to try to save my clothes...and because it's handy to hang the Thermacell on it and it also helps to keep my tools handy. Can you see the swarm of mosquitoes in the photo below - all the dots? I don't go outside without the Thermacell. 

At dinner time the kitchen was still not functional. Nolan and the girls ran out to the deli and brought a selection of fine foods home to eat.  Jared was out here in the valley at an event hosted by the Moms of Liberty - I've not heard of this group. He was on a panel fielding questions about parental rights. He came on over when he was finished and joined us for dinner. 

Michael got the sink working, we put the kitchen back together, I started washing dishes. The power went out 5 minutes into the first load of the dishwasher. We had hoped to have a fire tonight, but the wind was ferocious. The guys went home. These two played "Jelly." 

Our temps got up to 70 at our house.  saw 71 and didn't check later in the day. In year's past Josiah has brought Liv out to the Colony Day parade. I didn't feel like attending the parade today. We needed a day to hang out at home. It's been a beautiful Saturday.