Sunday, May 31, 2020

May Snippets

 Blogging here in August 2022 and realizing I am going to have a few photos I want to keep, but I don't need to write a ton about each of them...thus...snippets. 

These four take their Bocce Ball matches very seriously. 

Jamin, Michael, Josiah, Krista 

Michael plans to build a frame around these two boxes, cover it with plastic and have a greenhouse to replace the one that blew away last winter. 

Seedlings - I spend much time moving them  in and out....trying to keep them growing until it's warm enough to plant them outside. 

Burning stumps takes a lot of time. 

Springtime in Alaska - the snow IS melting. 

With so many businesses closed and folks not going anywhere - WALKING has been a big part of this spring. 

Alex is helping Michael make the frame for the greenhouse they are building. 

Honey doesn't feel well, and Benny is doing all he can to make her better. 

It's taking shape. Dad is out there too! 

Next, they covered it with chicken wire.

Stacia and I on a morning walk. 

The first time Sophia's was open after the shut down. YAY! 

More burning of weeds...didn't really work. LOL 

The neighbor has purchased a cow. 

Stacia continues to bake cakes. 

Krista spent time in quarantine sewing masks and quilts. Benny likes to help. 

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