Saturday, August 02, 2008

PhotobucketPre- Departure List

Mike had thought to have Fri - Monday to get us ready to go. He had office stuff to do Friday. He'll have to go in tomorrow for office stuff, chapel services, studying....and Monday at 1:00 he'll be taking his next to the last ACSC test.

He woke up with determination and a LIST - a "pre-departure" list. I finally feel like we may make it out of here.

He and Jared replaced our attic fan which chose last week (triple digit heat) to go out.
drain pool
Jared and Zander began draining the pool. It's had "issues" - the lastest being that it turned green. We treated it and 1/2 of it turned clear and 1/2 stayed green. We were worried about kids getting in while we were gone. We'll drain it, clean it, and start fresh when we get home.
change oil
Mike and Nolan changed the oil.
grind wheat
Arielle and I cooked (see following post) - which meant we ground a LOT of wheat today.
Mike filled the propane tanks for the trailer.
game closet
Nolan cleaned the "game closet".

Truth be told, I don't KNOW all the things that Jared and Mike got done today. ::snort::
I worked on the book list (following post), food, laundry, cleaning - well I got 11 things on my list done.....not as many as lately...but all specifically related to getting our family out the door. That's good. I know it was a 3 trip day to Walmart and Lowes.....

Mike and Jared are running.

Jamin will soon be needing a ride home from work.

It's been a full day! Oh - oh - oh - we'll see the girls soon....and I'm praying Cy can join us.
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Jodi said...

You all have been so busy, it will pay off though. Sounds like you're about ready for that VACATION!

Anonymous said...


Will pray extra hard for Mike Monday morning at your 1-3 pm.

Praying also for Josiah to be able to get time off.

Seems like you will all be more than ready for a vacation once you get everything done.

Off to the last day of the "EBC Reconnect" celebration.

l/p Mom T


Mom T

berrypatch said...

Just wanted to pop in & say that I love lists. I have gotten out of the habit of doing a daily "to do" list & I'm finding that I'm NOT getting as much done. There is something about having a list & crossing off those items & knowing they are DONE that is just really nice. I need to get back in the habit I think. :-)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Lisa - I've started the list thing in earnest again. LOL

Cynthia said...

I have to make a list otherwise I would forget what I need to do (LOL).