Monday, December 08, 2008

The Season of Guessing....

is upon us...and I'm not talking about Christmas. I LOVE the anticipation of a move. I like to imagine the various spots we could go. I LOVE looking up various bases, checking their services, housing plans etc.

We will be moving this summer. The "requirement" list is out. Simply put this is a list of the bases that need someone in Mike's rank and a brief description of what they are looking for. Not all bases get their requirements in - but it's a FIRST indication of the various slots that will be filled. So....we look at the list, keep in mind being told it would be good for us to go to a "big base or overseas" and wait.

I also begin to research. Mike will be adjusting his sheet to match openings....I really know about the stateside bases. Here are the overseas bases that have slots of Chaplain (majors).....Incirlik, Turkey...Ramstein and Spangdhalem, Germany and Kadena, Okinawa (I think). Anyone been to these bases? Have an opinion? Sites for me to check out?

It began to hit me last night as I drove home from the Nutcracker. We are really moving in a few months. I hate to move and I LOVE the adventure of a new do you balance those competing feelings? I actually cried on the way to DQ for Nolan's celebration, I was considering that this was the last Nutcracker we'd watch in this town, the last time we'd see the amazing light display - but chalked it up to exhaustion and being ill. Now, I wonder anew, do we really want to move far away, while the older kids stay - "here"????? Do we really have a choice anyway? ::sigh::

Again, I remember what I believe. Christians in the military are Christ's ambassadors. He will place us where we need to be, where we will minister best for Him, influence those He wants us to influence and where there will be the right people and opportunities for our children. I can rest...or at least I should rest. ::snort:: For now....I'll take joy in researching and imagining the possibilities...Central, South East, Pac AF, USAFE, NW.....the options are mind-boggling.

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Jen's Whimsical Life said...

We had some friends at Luke that left for Kadena, they seemed to like it alot but the culture is so different from here. That probably wouldn't be too strange for you since you were an MK, but probably strange for everyone else! My dad also lived there when my gramps was in the AF and he has good memories of Okinawa. I could hook you up with my friend from Kadena if you have any questions.....

My Michael got stationed at Ramstein straight out of "tech school" but switched someone for Luke because I didn't want to be a new bride, leaving home for the first time and in a new country but he always wished we'd gone there.

We got out because we didn't want to move every couple of years and we've moved every couple of years anyways.....It's always exciting to be moving some place new though! And it keeps me from being a packrat:)

Kelly said...

Oh how exciting! I can't imagine moving that often. We've been in this house 13 years.

You know, I was gunning for you to move to Wright Pat :::grin:::

Paula said...

How do the kids feel? Are they looking for an adventure?
I lived in Japan for a year and a half, the last several months in Okinawa near Kadena. It is a beautiful and fascinating area. If I were choosing between Japan and Germany, though, I would take Germany--it is such a great jumping-off point to explore the rest of Europe! From Okinawa you would pretty much have to fly if you want to visit anywhere else, and then Asia in general is not as traveler-friendly as Europe...but I imagine you know that.
I'm slightly jealous--I miss the excitement (and stress) of my growing-up years as a Foreign Service brat--wondering where we would be living in a few months!

Romany said...

Well, wherever you end up, there will be new friends there waiting to meet you.

Yvonne said...

De'Etta, I'll be praying for your move. It sounds exciting, but I'm sure I'd have mixed feelings having to move so often.

I'm sure leaving your older children behind, is burdensome. I will pray especially on that front.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Jen - isn't that ironic? LOL

Kelly - we were led to believe NE or SE and there were no NE bases listed - MIke thinks there are probably 10 that aren't on the I've not totally given up on OH or IL. LOL

Paula - they are torn. They'd love AK (2 positions in AK) and they'd love overseas....but then they don't like the idea of being far away from the older kids either. LOL

Dorothy - YES. We pray for "friends that last a lifetime" at each assignment and God has been faithful to provide that.

Thanks, Yvonne.'s a burden and I'm remembering that my "word of the year" is surrender. Appropriate in so many situations this year.

Anonymous said...

Sis: Have been praying for months about your move. We are selfish and want it to be a place we like. :):) No matter what we will save so we can visit you at least once at your new place.

Fully understand your feelings of up-rooting so often. We do know that kids make it thru and God is so FAITHFUL to help in all ways for everyone involved.

For sure Germany is a jumping off place to visit all the country of Europe very easily. Japan would be a bit closer to the PI's. Auntie Marge will move to Manila this June 09. The OB churh there is growing fast..... they will be moving and building an apartment place for her. She hopes to make it 10 years there before she exits this life.... She is somewhere in her early 70's. She will help start a Bible School in Manila and she will not be funding any of the new church or school.

Auntie Celia is going back soon with a new hip and will get the other new hip in June..... then she will be a permanent resident of the PI's in a place called Talakkag. A tribal area and she/Dionie will live near the churc in a place they build. Sure it will be cute and humble. This is North of Cagayan.

So, you might get visitors and you might be able to be a visitor should the Lord lead you that way.

Mercy the times in life when a person has mixed feellings never end....... but God always is there and always works out what is best...... so glad you/Mike allow the Lord to have His will in your lives. l/p Mom T

Deja said...

{hands over my ears}
La La La La, I can't hear you...I'm not listening...

Cynthia said...

I sure do admire you and your family. Thanks for all of the sacrifices your family makes to serve our country!

Jodi said...

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well.

It soundslike the military life/moving is full of mixed emotions. New adventures yet leaving behind so much too.

Margie said...

I for one am not excited about you moving!!!!!!!!!!!