Friday, July 09, 2010

Tale of Two Breads

I've been grinding wheat and baking bread off and on since we lived in Hardin, MT.

Tuesday night, however, I went to a bread baking demo. I needed to get out for a bit. The kids encouraged this solution to my cranky attitude.

Twyla has been talking about mini-loaves and so I bought this pan when I saw it. It's CUTE.

Melissa makes "mini-loaves". From all the talk of this, I expected TINY loaves....she said to use 3/4 lb of dough. I've NEVER weighed dough....but we guessed that a "typical loaf" is probably 1 1/2 I decided to try this with my typical recipe....aiming for 2 mini-loaves instead of one large.

Wednesday, I took my Seven Grain Bread dough, and instead of 4 BIG loaves, I made 2 BIG loaves and then added Cinnamon, raisins and Rapadura to 1/4 of the dough and Italian herbs to the other 1/4 of the dough. I aimed for 2 mini-loves of each of the speciality breads.  Here are the MINI- which are quite a bit bigger than I envisioned when folks talked about "cute little loaves".

When the slices are stacked you can see the mini- is much smaller than my typical size loaf.
I began to think that the mini- is a good size for the youngers for sandwiches....and that with Mike and the older ones gone we really don't go through bread as fast as we once did.....I think it would be good to have varieties of several smaller loaves available (that said the kids ate BOTH giant loaves in less than 24 hours).

Thursday I set out to bake 4 Seven Grain mini-loaves and 2 doz hamburger buns. My Bosch malfunctioned....HOT dough, couldn't even handle and oil in the dough.....and I forgot salt....but I did end up with flat bread and mini loaves. LOL  On the left is my typical sized loaf, in the middle I used 1/2 the dough, and a bit less on the right.....I think I like the middle sized loaf.

And now the freezer is stocked with mini Cinnamon Raisin bread, Italian Herb loaves, flat buns and a couple of seven grain loaves. Note the cracking in the mini-loaves....must be the overheated dough or lack of salt....but it still eats. LOL  Thus ends my weekly bread saga.

Choosing Joy!
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Kristine said...

Great idea! These look and sound delicious too.

Deja said...

Those mini loaves are adorable. Great idea for the younger kids!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

They will be good for the kids....and this way I can make speciality breads they won't eat....and still hope to eat the loaf myself before it molds. LOL

Lois said...

Ahhh, Three Bears Bread....Papa Bread, Mama Bread, and Little Baby Bread. Lol. Are you using good ol' Montana wheat there in Japan?

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

LOL Lois. I think I do like the middle sized loaf. Yes, I'm still using Prairie Gold but may have to switch to cheaper soon.....Another place will mail FREE Hard white....but it's not Prairie Gold.