Thursday, July 23, 2015

Traveling Day

Trips usually begin with high spirits  - I'd love to say this one was no different - but it was a bit different. Knowing we'd be coming home without Arielle put a slight damper on the trip.
Michael drove the van (packed nearly full as seen below) and Arielle followed in his commuter - which we gave her. 
 We took the back two seats out of the van - and the first one  - and an idea was born. The kids liked the extra leg room. We'll have much more storage room in the back without the seats. Maybe it's the answer to, "HOW do we take 5 bikes with us on the road?".  Nolan suggested we make a table to fit where the front seat usually fits in. What a great idea. He and Michael can brainstorm it, build it.....and when it's installed they'll be able to do some school work, watch school DVDS and such from the table.

Stacia and Nolan rode with Arielle.  Stacia shared her seat with bikes and such poking through from the trunk. LOL
We got to Oregon in good time and set up the trailer at Will and Sherri's. We always love visiting with them and staying at their home ensures that happens.  After we set up, we went to visit with Mom and Dad. Krista met up with us and we eventually met BreZaak at the food court in the mall.  Ah - it's so fun to have Gherkins gathering.

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