Saturday, December 04, 2021

Advent Scavenger Hunt

 A quick search through the blog shows us instituting an Advent Scavenger Hunt in 2008. As the kids matured our traditions changed with them. Instead of little toys or candy, we began to hide clues in the Advent Calendar. Each night they'd read the clue, go on the hunt, and find a "prize." Sometimes these are family gifts, or an activity to do together, sometimes individual gifts... We don't remember doing the scavenger hunt the years we lived in the RV.  Grandpa moved in, the boys began working at nights, Stacia was the only one consistently home, the tradition lapsed for a couple of years.  

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the activities we'd like to incorporate into this year's celebration. The Scavenger Hunt has made a comeback... We are a bit slow out of the gate, but we're on it now. 

And the clue is....

Scavenger Hunt Clue: A dream, a list, an idea - I bring them to life. 

It's always fun to watch the kids begin to unravel the clue and think through likely hiding places in the house. 

The girls ran directly to the nook. They looked all around the computer, my desk, and finally focused on the printer.  The bag was under the printer.  Stacia said that Nolan always figured out the clues, so it was fun to see her and Allie figure it out so quickly.

I was looking for ugly sweaters or fun Christmas fashion...these were clearanced, with an extra discount as well. 

 "I'll be doing whatever snow does in SUMMMMER!"

Look like holiday unicorns in this shot

Michael and I are looking forward to the rest of the hunts as much as the girls are. We are spending the rest of the evening watching Season 2 of Lost in Space. Allie has never watched Lost in Space, our memories are a bit rusty, and Season 3 has just released.  Thus Day 4 of December comes to an end. 

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