Thursday, April 14, 2022

Such a FULL day!

Allie and I left the home early and headed out for our Bible study.  We discussed how godly wisdom impacts our speech today.  This is a study where our Bible is our text, and we have no prescribed questions to answer.  We simply pray, read, process and share with each other. 

I have been thinking if these girls want to have their license this summer, they are going to HAVE to get out on the highway...out of our neighborhood.  As we pulled out of the driveway, I told Allie I think she is great at driving and was ready to drive us home. That gave me time to point out things to watch for as we drove in. Allie expressed uneasiness about roundabouts. I agreed to save those for another day. SO....after Bible study I drove to our church and told her she should drive us home from church. This required lights, traffic, and highway speeds. She did great!  

She WAS relieved to pull into the driveway at home!   I have no doubt that license is not too far away. Highway speed was a big hurdle.  We're proud of her!

Of course, Stacia knows tomorrow morning, when we leave for our Bible study, I am going to say to her, "I think you should drive us home today." ::snort:: I think the anticipation is worse with the wait. 

The girls finished school and hurried up to help me prepare for TEA. We were all excited to host Lindsey at our table today.  I really need to start asking folks if they wouldn't mind coming out here...Dad simply napped, and we were able to catch up on "life." 

The next few hours found me making a salad, wrapping up left over tea treats and grabbing chicken. This was life group night. GG didn't feel well and opted to stay home. Nolan watched a movie with him and made sure he had dinner. Alex stayed up until we got home. I definitely need to get better at taking selfies, but here are SOME Of the lifers in our village. 
Cecelia hosts - We lead 

Krista and I

But first we eat... and we always eat well. LOL 
Part of the gang

Me and Britney

Over 25 years of our ministry centered around supporting and doing life with 20- and 30-year-old troops and their families. I love my friends of all ages...but it brings me GREAT JOY to do life with my 20 and 30 year old friends. It's familiar. This generation takes my breath away. It has been fun these past nearly 5 years to have more friends our age and we learn so much from those who are a bit further along the journey than we are. 

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