Saturday, March 18, 2023

Spring Crafts

Stacia invited several friends (all the girls) from youth group to meet at the Art Cafe. They have been texting about it for a month or so, and it all came together today! 

Allie, Jenni, Noelani, Lorelei, Jess and Stacia 

It took about 20 seconds for me to realize some of my favorite people have youth daughters! I sent out a text and asked if they'd like to grab coffee or a table and do our own crafts. That is just what we did....and while this photo caught me mid-speaking - it's the only one with Nora in it and so I'll suck it up and post it. ::snort::

Me, Krista, Nora and Melany

Krista worked on a guitar that turned out really cool! 

Melany painted a pretty mug with wildflowers on the sides...

I painted a mug and figured if it doesn't turn out others will assume one of the kids or grands made it for me and they'll tell me its pretty and precious anyways! LOL 

This was a relaxing breather in the midst of a busy day. It was on to salmon and family.  This was doable because the girls jumped in and helped a LOT on Friday and Saturday morning. 

Do you know the story in the Bible about the fish and loaves and how the fish kept multiplying? I thought we were nearly done with salmon for the year. When I inventoried, I discovered TWO FREEZERS full of salmon....

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