Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Arielle JaNae

Arielle's name was deliberately chosen to name her after her Grams - Arielle means lioness of God - which was her Grams...we figured she wouldn't really like Mabel as she grew older. JaNae means God is gracious.

We have loved watching Arielle mature these past 15 years into a gracious lioness of God!  Today is HER day.

Stacia and Bre stayed up late to decorate she was SO excited to show Arielle the streamers! 

We bought a pinata and filled with goodies...both healthy and share with the neighborhood children. We'd planned to do it today - but it was raining....maybe Saturday.

Stacia was happy to go hunting for birthday flowers. 
We began the day with a couple of errands for the girls....and then we headed to Yoshinoya for lunch. Yumm....and I think, if I read the paper right, we've earned something free.

Arielle had hoped we'd go to Hachinohe Children's Botanical Garden (or whatever that name is) but it was raining and so we opted for an inside outing. The girls hadn't been to the Misawa Aviation and Science Museum and the kids always love off we went.

Spinning room 

Wind room 

Next stop was the base bowling ally....

 Arielle had asked for pizza at Massimo's but the chef is at a pizza competition in we had Hawaiin chicken at the Italian Pizzeria in Northern Japan. ::snort::

Barbie Design Center (Jared got her some art stuff too)

Krista got her books

Nolan got her a weapon

We got her a Japanese doll, a photo of her and her sisters and will find some roller blades. 

One of Michael's famous creations

Jared got home from work and Arielle opened his gift of art supplies. She'd like me to find her some art lessons...any ideas? 

Yuuki is not amused to find Nolan in her chair. 

Games, jewelry making, packing....

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Renee said...

Looks like she had a wonderful birthday despite the little bumps in the road

Anonymous said...

WOW: Arielle: Looks like you had a great birthday. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Was neat you 2 older sisters got to be there. You are such a beautiful young lady! Again, Happy Birthday....... today is the day here in the States but just a day late in Japan....about the time I remember that everything is a day earlier for you will be gone to another place and then......... WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! love/prayers - 2G's T.

Deja said...

Happy Birthday Arielle. Wish we could celebrate with a rousing game of nerf... You're a blessing.
Mrs A