Sunday, May 05, 2013

Luvin Japan ~ Unexpected Sights

Yes, I have a LIST of over 100 things to post and I'm falling behind as I need the minutes to think and "do them justice." 

No, this gentleman was not on the list.

It's hard to see what he is doing...I WAS driving and snapped three shots....I think that's pretty spectacular! This is the best.

In the midst of morning rush hour, he was calmly standing on the sidewalk going through a full range of stretches and yoga-like poses.

I love seeing the unexpected as I go through the day. One just never knows what will make one smile.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

SIS: :):):) with my eyes not seeing like they use to........ I had to really look..... :):):):) At first I thot the man had on a mask but it turned out to be part of the car/van in the lot behind him. :):):):):) Anyway when I enlarged the picture it's neat...... I'd be embarrassed to do my exercises other than in the pool. ::( :):):) someone might see me! :):):):):) love/prayers - mom t.