Monday, May 06, 2013

Knowing Blog Friends

What's the difference between "knowing about" someone and "knowing" someone...this is a concept I've spent considerable amount of time musing on, praying about, studying through....and I will blog someday....when life slows down a bit more....but Sunday was ANOTHER example of the difference between knowing about and being known.

Vicky and I have known about each other for a bit more than a year...maybe longer. We've read each other's blogs. We recognize each others' families. Saturday afternoon I got a FB message telling me she, Seiju, her father in law and sons would be in our area to catch the ferry from Hachinohe back to Hokkaido on Sunday and asking if we could meet.

We had a lovely lunch together.  And I wish we had a bit more time to get to KNOW each other...but we definitely have moved from "knowing about" to "knowing." ::grin::

We're jealous of how Vicky and Yoshi can move back and forth between Japanese and English....and my kids LOVE your accent, Vicky.

Note, I'm not sure how far and wide Vicky would like her blog shared or I'd link it. She provides a fascinating view of life in Japan.

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Vicky said...

It was a joy to meet you all! I am sorry too that we didn't have time to relax - I wish we had had more time to go for a walk or play or something because then I'd have been able to talk to your kids more. They were very patient with us.

Seiju wanted to tell you that he was very happy to meet you all too and to apologise to your husband if his answers were a bit off - he's deaf and your husband has a nice mellow voice which Seiju had trouble hearing.... :)

If you do come to Hokkaido do please come and stay - we have a big house and lots of space and it would be a thrill to have you!

Vicky said...

BTW, I am going to blog about us meeting to but you will see that I'm very behind with my own blog right now and am trying to catch up! May I link to you?

Anonymous said...

It has ALWAYS been a blessing to meet my online friends in person. It puts that friendship on a whole different level for me. What a fun tine for you both, De'Etta!


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, Vicky - feel free to link to the blog....and let me know if you'd like me to link to yours.

Yes, Kristine....meeting online friends (like you!) is always a treat.