Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Pre-Wedding

Arielle grew up as a Chaplain's Kid in the Air Force. Typically, brides are given a 2 hour time slot. 30 min to set up, an hour for the ceremony and 30 min to take things down. I saw one reception at the chapel in 20 years of ministry. It's "not allowed," but I did see it - once.  Arielle chose a church that is usually very decorated - pine arches with lights, giant snowflakes and said that would be the bulk of her winter themed decorations. The church went much simpler with their decorations this year - very pretty - but not what we'd expected. Arielle  took it all in stride. She said the focus was always the marriage and the wedding was just a ceremony to "get through." She really doesn't like being the center of attention and was happy to have it simple and short.   We worked with the decorations at the church, covered the manger, moved the poinsettias to the side, put some tulle and candles (all unlit) on the piano and some blue bows on the pews. 

From the start we encouraged the couple to think about what they wanted their wedding to be. We were here to make their wedding dreams come true. They chose a short ceremony. They specifically chose not to do any "unity" ceremony (Isn't that what the whole wedding is about, she asked? ), extra music numbers and such.

Most of their decorating was for the reception and it all came together beautifully. Again, they capitalized on the church's decorations. They added pops of color in blue and sliver.  Oh, yes, Arielle bought all the flowers, bows and centerpieces sight unseen when Krista called her and said someone with a wedding in her colors was selling their stuff for $25.00.  One of the groomsman's mother made this little cake for them. Arielle painted the do dads....

You noticed there are no nuts or mints and the cake is small? They opted for a cookie reception and a hot chocolate bar. The wedding was at 2:00 p.m. and their goal was to be done with the reception by 4 p.m. Good timing for light food. 

They used Arielle's old copy of,  "The Princess and The Kiss," as a guest book. People wrote notes for them in the book. I love it! 

 They also skipped the toast, dancing, throwing bouquets and garters....and it was FINE. Arielle was absolutely right - the wedding is about the marriage to come. The essentials are a couple, a pastor and friends to celebrate.  

Before we knew it, Saturday morning arrived and it was time to get ready for photos and a wedding. I'm sure there ARE pictures of the groomsmen getting ready - but they aren't on my camera. LOL 
Alicia, Arielle and Emily - great friends from Misawa, Japan

Emily, Alicia and Larissa (Jared's wife, our newest daughter)
 We all got busy steaming clothes and suits and tablecloths....and Larissa and Krista were kept busy helping with hair and make up. 
Larissa and Stacia (our youngest daughter)

Terrah arrived and did Arielle's make up and hair as a gift! 


Almost done
 Thankful to have my girls to help me get pulled together
Krista, me and Larissa
 Arielle needed to be done before the rest of us - so I broke in the middle of my prep and helped to get her into her gorgeous dress. There were a few moment when Sherri and I began to wonder if we'd get all the buttons done up! 

Bella had to play with make up like the big girls! 

A hilarious thing happened when it was time to get Bella dressed in her flower girl garb. She immediately began shaking her head and saying, "Ba, ba, ba, ba!" Not sure what she was trying to say but she was communicating!

 When that didn't work, she began GROWLING. ::snort:: 

In the end, she was happy in her garb! 

Men in our lives!
Nolan, Alex, Cy, Michael, Jared, Izaak (holding Bella) and Jamin 
 This nap was a God send. 

Aunt Krista and Bella 
 Sometimes a girl needs an old friend....

Bella was hilarious when she tried to crawl! 
 Young groomsmen Cory has mentored

Izaak and Bella

Bella wasn't quite up to flower girl duties on her own. Daddy carried her and they both threw flowers. 

Soon it was time for Michael and I to have time alone with Arielle. 

10 minutes to wedding time

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