Friday, December 16, 2016

#WYFF - Wedding Feet

The day was full of decorating for a wedding and reception, running errands, a therapy appointment or two for Michael, and tracking down last minute details.  Evening found all our feet (#WYFF) on, or around, the platform at Calvary Open Bible
Josiah stood in for a missing pastor - I think it was fun for him. 
Wedding rehearsals are full of exciting anticipation - the set up work is done, all the participants have arrived, clothing is in place, errands are done. It's time to bring it all together in a rehearsal and make sure it all works as planned. They do seem almost anit-climatic to write about AFTER the real deal wedding. πŸ˜‰ I'm going to take the time to back blog as the rehearsal is full of fun memories and I want to document a few things. 

Sherri, Will's wife, is our wedding coordinator. She does a great job of being a liaison between the church and families. She knows what needs to be done, remembers details we would be sure to forget and keeps everything moving smoothly. She's also an incredibly calming presence - though that may be as we are family. No, I think she is calming for all her brides and grooms. 
 The communion table behind Sherri is really a manger - complete with lots of hay.It was fun to brainstorm solutions with Michael, Cory, Travis (Cory's brother) and Jamin....I think the solution was ingenious. We put a small top over the manger, covered it all with a cloth and wa la - a communion table.

We just weren't sure WHAT to do with the piano - but in the end I think it gave an air of elegance to the platform.

Jared - six months into married life
 It was  fun to have Donna share this wedding with us. She was a bridesmaid in BreZaak's wedding. 

Ah, the moment - it's real - this baby girl is going to be getting MARRIED in less than 24 hours! 

Bailey is a college friend, newly married herself, and is making a video of the day for CoRielle. Her husband, Jordan, is a groomsman. 

 The Groomsmen 
Note the two on the left are Cory's brothers; 5 and 6 are Arielle's brothers
Alaina, Alicia, Emily (both friends from Japan) Larissa, Stacia, Krsita and Bre (Gherkin gals)
This photo CRACKS me up - and illustrates the girls' personalities well. All are doing what they were told to do - stand on the dot.  Krista's stance is a bit quirky and whimsical. Bre is looking at Krista as if to say, "WHAT are you doing?" She's checking the girls out - prepared to keep them in line if need be. Stacia is leaning in to the older girls and seems to be thinking, "This could be fun." 

Then there's the fourth Gherkin gal...."I do? Oh - I. DO!" Arielle does NOT like being the center of attention. She finds it off-putting and awkward. They wanted a small, simple, wedding - and we all promised her we'd have her outta there as soon as possible.  She DID seem to have a lot of fun at the rehearsal.
Can't tell you how much we LOVE this couple! 
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