Sunday, June 30, 2019

Krista's Summer Adventure

Photo via Krista's FB - her uniform was in regs, I removed her name tag
Last Friday was a big day for Krista. She completed her final Chaplain Candidate Tour. Her next tour will be as a Reserve Chaplain.  She had the privilege of spending five weeks at Eglin AFB.  She enjoyed the staff, chaplains, and congregants, and reports that she learned many new things to round out her education.  Krista still has a few hoops to jump through before she can go Active Duty.  Although, the Army has told her they'll take her NOW.... Krista continues to make us proud. 

Krista went to VA , packed her car, and said goodbye to her roomie. Then she headed down the highway.  Wednesday night she met up with a previous youth leader in IL. 
Krista and Corrinna via Krista's timeline

Thursday night she arrived in Colorado and met up with Michael at Earl and Mary's (Michael's brother and wife).  They continued the trip to Alaska. At some point on Friday or Saturday they met with Michael's sister, Kathy. 
Photo via Krista

They've visited grave sites in CO and MT...spent most of Saturday in WY and MT....and should head into Canada tomorrow. They'll see new parts of Canada than we've seen before. We usually enter in WA. 

We're getting excited for you to reach Alaska, Krista! I think it would be o.k. to floor it in some of the wide open spaces...just a bit. LOL 

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