Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday in the Valley

Church on the field today - we are on the second week of a series called "Playlist" - on the Psalms of Ascent. This is pretty amazing as I'm working through the psalms on my own. I love it when the Holy Spirit weaves strands together. 

Stacia stayed home with Nolan today. She said I could share that if she thought I was going to pressure her to speak after camp, she wouldn't have gone.   I encouraged her gently....and when she shared that she just didn't want to speak, I assured her no one would MAKE her speak - but someone needed to stay with Nolan or all of us needed to stay I let her stay.  I honestly feel like the Holy Spirit whispered to me it was more important for her to be at this camp and future camps than for me to work on her fear of being "up front" at this time.  Alex opted not to share as he felt the experience was too personal. Both have shared with me and I love how God has worked in their hearts this past week.  I agreed with Alex's thoughts on sharing. 

After church, Dad, Alex, me, and BreZaak went to DQ. It was fun to connect with them. It was  just too crazy to try to grill here at home today. 

I needed to pick up a lancet device and lancets at Fred Myers, and some ICE. Dad and Alex looked like they were lagging; I suggested they wait in the seating area. Doesn't look like they had a rousing conversation, does it?  

Check this out - a wire broken off from the fence system. Alex fixed it. He's so handy to have home. 

Josiah and Jamin came over to visit. CoRielle came up to join us. Krista and Michael polo'd they were crossing into Canada. There may well be radio silence for the next 1600 miles until they cross into Alaska.

When the guys went home, we visited a bit on the deck.... and then went inside to play Farkle.

I had noticed how hazy the mountain looked yesterday. I had smelled campfire in the air and was surprised someone was sitting around a fire when it was 89*.  What a ditz! I was aware there had been a fire early in the month on the Kenai peninsula....but I hadn't put it all together. I guess the air is terrible in Anchorage. It was pretty bad here yesterday and today. We couldn't see the mountains at all from the church or Fred Myers today.... Our mountain is hazy, but we could see it.

This not a sunset. We don't have sunsets at 9 p.m. This is the sun shining through the smoke. 

We have no big plans for the upcoming week. I do think I'll be transplanting some corn.....

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