Monday, March 06, 2006


It’s been our family habit to have ice cream (Moose Tracks) once a week – Sunday night. Over time we’ve noticed that Zander is like a child possessed every Monday. Since going on the Feingold Program we realized that all the food that is off program on Sunday is probably a big contributing factor to Mondays.

After listening to Adrienne, Heather and Becky talk about their home-made ice cream I began to wonder….but our homemade ice cream never turned out REALLY good. It was always a bit runny or rock solid…..Adrienne gave us some of her vanilla and carob ice cream to taste. YUM.

In preparation for Sunday Night’s treat we made our very own ice cream. It is GOOD. I never really understood why the Israelites would be thrilled by a promise of God to give them a land flowing with milk and honey. After making and eating this….I get it…I believe He was promising them a land flowing with home-made, all-natural ICE CREAM! By making our own even Zander can enjoy. No artificial flavors or colors.

Recipe: (for 6 qt maker – makes a gal)

1 ½ C local honey
6 C light cream (non-homogenized)
6 C heavy cream (non –homogenized)
1 T pure vanilla (used 2)

Dissolve honey in 1 ½ C of light cream over very low heat, stirring until well blended. Cool. Pour all ingredients into ice cream maker, stir and process for 30 – 40 minutes. Spoon into a plastic container, cover, and place in freezer to harden.

All agreed this was good. I let them have their favorites add ins (cookie dough, Recees cups, Oreos, hard shell) but will be looking for substitutes of the same things without the artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. This truly was a case of having our cake and eating it too.

Anitcipation begins to build Sat. night
Jamin dishes the ice cream - Sunday night
Pay off for hard work - YUMMY!

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