Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bella's 9 Days Old

BreZaak invited us over for a quick visit. Look at this little girl! It's incredibly fun to watch a person's personality blossom. The poor little darling really wanted to sleep - and Grandpa and Granna had the job of keeping her awake. She's not very happy looking in most of the zillion photos we took.

9 days old
 Grandpa's in trouble! 

Ah, he still has a few tricks! 

Daddy and Bella 
We tore ourselves away from BreZaak Bella, and stopped in at Arielle's and Krista's. They invited us for dinner, the kids gave Arielle an hour of study diversion, and Michael earned our dinner by editing various college and graduate level writings.  Another full day - the weeks are packed.

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