Thursday, April 21, 2016

Skinner's Butte ~ Eugene, OR

We were so close to Skinner's Butte, and finished the tour earlier than expected, so we drove up the butte. I love this picture of Mom and Dad. 

A big attraction for the kids is sliding down the "O". 

 This plague is in a seating area. The view is beautiful from up here. 

My grandmother, Katherine, was a Skinner. Reading the plaque on the terrace, I wanted to try to locate the site of the cabin built on the western slope of the butte.  Michael suspected he knew where it was - and he was right. This is the location of the first cabin built in the area in 1849,  by Eugene and Mary Skinner. I wonder if they had rock climbers out their window in 1849. LOL

This was another fun outing with my parents and Lorri. I'm thankful they're willing to be drug along on some of these outings.  Nolan was introduced to Dominion at a Game party last Friday night. He has a gift certificate to Target and asked if we could stop and buy the game. 

Alas, there are no copies of the games at any of the "nearby" Targets. 

However, to put the cherry on the top of a great day, we were invited over to visit with our favorite one week old, and headed from Target for a visit. 

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