Monday, June 23, 2008

Photobucket Monday

I need to catch you up on my Friday and Saturday....but I'm jumping to today or I'll never catch up. LOL

Today we enjoyed having Josiah home. He went out and bought two chairs to go with the dining room table that he rescued. He said that he'll find two more chairs that match to coordinate "sometime".

I think three of the kids have swimmer's ear. I went online as this is the STRANGEST ear infection I've ever seen. We usually self-treat...but I'm wondering if we'd best go in. Anyone ever dealt with this?

I did make it to the gym.

I played with new digiscrapping software. I learned all sorts of new things.

Mike made reservations at campgrounds for our August trip to Colorado - THE GIRLS WILL MEET US THERE! I'M A TAD BIT EXCITED TO SEE THEM AGAIN!

We had dinner. Burned some steaks, added rolls, artichokes, fruit plate and a salad.

Josiah told us about his awesome trip and showed us photos. Zander wants to go see the Natural History Museum.

I bought a new Tim Hawkins DVD and we enjoyed it for the second time tonight. Poor Jamin has still not seen it. He's working LOTS of hours now that he is done with school.

Jamin got a .75 raise and Josiah got a .50 raise....way to go guys!

I talked with Krista. Who would have guessed when she said she wanted to be a pirate when she grew up.......who knows....

There - that's what we did today.



Cynthia said...

That's the thing about getting behind.. you just have to pick up where you left off and keep on going... if I tried to go back and catch everything up it would be too big of a job and I wouldn't do anything (LOL).

Anonymous said...


Swimmers ear needs a doctor's care to perscribe the right medicine. Will use to suffer from this as did I.

NIce raises! Congrats!

Sure wish we were closer so we could hear and see all that the kids do etc.

We are so excited to know the G'Kids are getting some super experiences. Do it all while you are young etc. Whoops, Dad/I didn't stop doing and going until forced. :):):)

Gotta love young people and that does include your age group. :)

l/p Mom T

Linda said...

I agree with anonymous about the swimmer's ear...definitely go to a doctor. It's HORRID when left untreated.

To help prevent it in the future, teach your kids to do the "side dive" on the bed...they launch themselves sideways on a bed, being sure to land on their ear, to help the water that may be trapped in there come out. You can also do the head jiggle.

They really need to know the signs of water in the ear - I usually get a clogged feeling, along with a "rubber band" (think boing) when you tap on your head over the ears. They need to keep shaking till they feel the warmth of the water coming out, or feel the "squish" sound.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Side dive...will do.