Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photobucket Scrapping

Mike made my entire WEEK this morning when we were talking. I showed him the layouts I'd printed at Scrappin Unique. I expected some comment about the frippery or the fact that I could fit more photos on each page.

I preemptively told him that I realized I need to throw a boatload of photos away. I told him I'm trying to find the least expensive way to print layouts. He closed the album and said, "Every penny spent now will pay off in mememories in about 10 years." Ah. I love that man! I guess he isn't worrying about the money it takes to transfer the photos from the computer to albums.

I spent yesterday afternoon taking photos out of magnetic albums. I decided that I would take all the photos from the 1980's and put them in my Creative Memory organizer. That way I can find all the spare ones floating around and corral them. THEN I'll scrap the 1980's. I'll do the same with the 90's and then 2002 - 2005. 2005 - present are all on the computer and I'll digiscrap them rather than print them out and then scrap them. These photos are in pretty bad shape after decades in the albums. It's time. They curl up and storing them for a time like this is helping them to flatten out. I'm also collecting the photos of Mike's "pre-college" days and saving them all to make a G family album. I've begun to find photos Grams gave me of my uncle, Mom as a child etc...and am saving them to make an album of my anscestors too.

I counted all my coversets and pages to see what I need to make the big change to TRUE 12 x 12. I was surprised that I have enough pages to fill each coverset. I'm good. I guess when I use these 4 albums up the rest will be 12 x 12's.

As I pulled photos out of albums and reminiscenced I suddenly recalled someone (Cindy I think?) saying she didn't mind different styles in her albums as they showed the different stages of her scrapping. Well.....I didn't KNOW about scrapbooking as a hobby until the mid 1990's. SO.....maybe I should keep right on with my naked albums until I hit the super fancy albums of 1995 - 2001. It would certainly be cheaper than covering each page with colored paper. I can then do modest albums for 2001 until I hit the photos that have those little walmart discs...Mike says to digiscrap those. We are all enjoying having photos off the computer.

I also shopped online for 12 x 12 paper. I found that the Fuji Crystal Archive paper (used by Costco) comes in a 36" x 100ft roll. I am seriously thinking of this. I could get a roll that would make 300 pages...for pennies on the page...but it's a huge outlay at the start. Melissa is checking to see if her printer can handle a roll that size. ::snort:: Meanwhile I did find some paper that looks to be very close to the Epson Premier Art Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper that she uses in the store for .60 a sheet instead of 2.00 a sheet on ebay. I'm deciding if I should take a chance. There are 50 pages in a pack. That's a lot of pages if I hate it...and not near enough if I love it. ::snort:: She'll charge me $1.48 for ink and overhead if I use my own paper. That would bring the price to $2.08 a print....down from $3.49 a print. Surely for that big of a savings I'll like the paper I found online. If anyone knows where to buy 12 x 12 photo paper that you've used and liked do leave a note in the comment section.

I wasn't sure I liked the matte paper that Scrappin Unique used at first...but now that it's in an album I really do like it.

Yes, this is how I spent the majority of my day. BUT it feels GOOD to be making progress on the albums and we are enjoying seeing these old photos of Bre learning to crawl. I teared up today when I saw the very first pictures of Bre meeting Krista....we had such dreams for them as sisters - and they've come true. Parenting is sweet.


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Anonymous said...

Love those Creative Memories supplies. I am a friends and family consultant, I would be able to pass the 30% discount along to you.

Visit me at or

Love your blog. Added you to my blogroll awhile back.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Mike/DeEtta: Way to go Mike! Memories are great! We enjoy getting to be part of your daily lives. This is really nice beings as we only get to see the kids and hear what is happening directly once in a while at Christmas etc.

Love the way you keep us informed and feeling a part of your lives!

l/p Dad/Mom T

Cynthia said...

Someone else may have also mentioned this, but yes, I did email the SHS list about not minding the different styles in my album. I enjoy seeing the things that were "in" at various times. It's one of the main reasons why I want to go ahead and use up my "old stuff" (LOL) on my older pages...

WOW.. you don't have very many old albums. That's GREAT! I have about a dozen old albums!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

**WOW.. you don't have very many old albums.

You must mean old CM albums? I've used 3 of them up in the last few months. LOL

If you mean I don't have many old magnetic albums - I have 20 big 3 ring albums that cover from 1982-1995. LOL