Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Photobucket Tuesday?

I made it to the gym. 60 minutes on the Bike as I finsihed reading Fatal Deduction. Yes, I was pleased with the twists and ending of the book.

I came home, picked up Jared and we went to Lowe's to get sand.

Josiah and Jamin were leveling the spot for the pool when we got home. Jared joined them.

Josiah and I made another trip to Walmart for stepping stones.

They worked all morning and most the afternoon - then the wait began as we filled the pool.

Julie, a youner than me homeschool Mom, and her children come over this afternoon. I showed her how I use Tapestry of Grace (link in the sidebar). They have a 4 month old Nolan, what fun it was to watch our Nolan and Stacia with him. I have baby envy again tonight....but I'm learning to release that.

We finally got in the pool when we could wait no longer. Unfortunately, the ground is settling and it's not perfectly level - but we sure tried......Mike says we'll see what happens for a bit of time. We had a blast in the pool. It is going to be so nice; it was 101* today.

I already "scrapped" the photos from yesterday and today (brings my total to 21 pages today). I used the same design I used for our Pool Date at Deja's. LOL And these ARE fussier. LOL I'm not sure you can read the journaling....basically I told the story from Zander's viewpoint as he shows up in many of the photos; he faithfully hounded us through the whole process....




In the photo of Nolan above, and the younger 3 in the one below you see the longing anticipation....as they WATCHED THE HOSE FILL THE POOL! ::snort::


Finally! We'll finish filling it tomorrow...but it was full enough to swim.Photobucket



Anonymous said...


Well guess the next time we are down your way I'll have to forget the fun on the trampoline and swim. Both are fun!! Nice looking pool and how happy the kids look.

l/p Mom T

Robin said...

What fun, De'Etta! We bought a similar pool last year on clearance but have yet to get it up this year. We still need to get our backyard prepared. Can't wait!

Heather said...

How fun! I love your scrapbook pages too!

Debbie said...

Is there anything more fun on a hot day than water! Your crew sure look like they are having fun.

It is suppose to be quite hot here this weekend and I know my guys are going to be lamenting the lack of our pool.

Thankfully, we have a brook across the road.

Herd Momma said...

Water Everywhere! It's great. We are all enjoying our pool as well.
Hey, did I miss where and how you are making your scrapbook pages?
I have always tried to keep books for the kids and make them myself with embellishments etc.....Needless to say I am a little bit behind. (Last scrapped J&J's 1st birthday. They are now 5)
Keep enjoying that pool!

Jodi said...

So fun. Your pages came out great!