Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Zanderism and One from Stacia

We have a lovely dog - Beatrix. She's 17 years old. We can't stand the idea of her aging - but she is. Mike has talked to the older boys to warn them of what may be approaching.

She is a pound puppy. We were told we were too rowdy of a family for her - but Josiah fell in love with HER at the pound. So we tried. She's been a GREAT family dog. She had been abused and has a crooked leg. The last few days she is having visible trouble moving, walking etc.

I told Zander, "Bea is a very old lady. She's over 100 years old in dog years." He looked at me and said, "Bea's an old lady? Huh - then whys her hair black instead of BLUE?" ::snort::

One more? This is from Stacia. She is opinionated. She is vocal. She has determined that if Krista (20 yo) is Zander's lover than Bre (23 yo) is HER lover. Today during an innocent conversation she told Miss Joyce, "I have a lover on a plane. Do you LUF my lover?" Joyce said, "oh my, where does she get these ideas?" and I told her we may not want to know what else Stacia was saying. LOL

Stacia has begun talking this week about her Bama and Bampa Plane (Grandman and Grandpa) and her Be (Bre) Plane and Krista Plane.

©2008 D.R.G.


Cynthia said...

They are so cute when they are at the age of trying to figure things out.

Linda said...

You'd better watch who you take Stacia around, DeEtta! They are so funny, but some people may not see the humor. LOL!

Anonymous said...

AND Bama/Bampa sure would love to drop in often to visit with Stacia and everyone else.

l/p G'Ma T

Jodi said...

So sorry to hear of your precious dog aging. Praying.