Monday, July 21, 2008

Unexpected Play Day

I had a long "to do" list today. Eight of the items, however, required files on my laptop. Today turned into an unexpected play day.

Zander earned his 30th ticket today so they set up the play station. The girls and I had a girls' day. We spent a couple of hours in the pool. Then we showered and ran to Walmart for some items for dinner. I ran home and zipped Jamin to work.

Josiah came for dinner. He arrived a bit early - YES! - and so I had someone to visit with while I cooked. I love that. Stacia joined us. She began to giggle and say, "I LUF that boy!" while pointing at Cy. I shot a quick photo.

Due to the downed computer Mike came home on time. YES! He was home for dinner with us. It was NICE to have 3 men eating again. Mike got my laptop working. All files are recovered. He suggested I go buy a 1 T something or other External Hard Drive....but Best Buy was already closed. I wanted one with red stripes or pink designs but Mike is quite sure that the colors won't make it go faster. ::snort::

We spent a bit of time visiting on the patio. Watching our aging dog and remembering past times with her. Mike thought it would be funny to spray Zander with the hose. I was so PROUD of Zander. This is not the sort of thing that our little alphabet boy likes. He doesn't understand humor, teasing or playing like this. He stood stock still and looked at Mike. Others were laughing....I was sure he'd have a meltdown, run off and be under his bed. He didn't. I said, "Zander get dad back - it's fun." He gave me a look.....and didn't have a meltdown.

Mike prepared to be soaked. ::snort:: Zander knew he was over there SOMEWHERE!
Oh NO! Mike snuck up on him....and still Zander didn't meltdown. I told him I was very proud of him. We asked him if it wasn't fun to let others laugh with you from time to time.
Shortly after this, all moved in to play Ruckus. Zander opted for screen time...a guy can only take so much social interaction in one evening. ::snort::
Amidst cries of "We LUF you" and "Promise we'll see you again"....Josiah went home. We'll go pick Jamin up from work and call it a day.

©2008 D.R.G.


Cynthia said...

Glad your files are recovered!

Anonymous said...

Proud of Alexander too. Sounds like you had an interesting day. I tore darts out of stuff.

l/p Mom T

Michelle said...

It warms my heart to hear of Zander's reaction. :)

Our *old lady* (almost 12 yr old Lab) isn't doing well. We've been reminiscing about her younger years too.

Deja said...

Celebrating with you over the way Alex handled his dad. I love it when the Lord gives us glimpses of growth like that...makes the hard days worth it.

Kris said...

I highly recommend buying an external hardrive. We have two. One is a 160GB that Ben takes on his deployments to store movies and music for his IPOD so he can switch them out and the other is 500GB that stays at home. All of our pictures, videos, music, and my Pampered Chef stuff is on it. This way, if the computer goes, we don't lose anything that is not replacable (like pictures), and we carry them when we PCS, we don't ship them. Best Buy puts them on sale frequently, (sad that I know this, I know). What kind of laptops do you have?

Debbie said...

Woohoo! So glad your got your laptop up and running and all your files back. I for one have such a love-hate relationship with the computers.

I love all the pictures. The one of Cy and Stacia is adorable.

Great job to Zander for taking a bit of teasing so well. I'm sure it is such a joy to see this type of progress.

Our Daniel has major problems with what he deems as people laughing at him and one of the girls does not like the whole playing in the pool that includes dumping off of rafts and splashing. We often find ourselves shaking our heads and wondering what is going on with them. I'm pretty sure they are not alphabet kids like Z is, but I know there are some problems there.

Jodi said...

I'm so glad that Zander had a fun time with the fooling!

Yippeeee about the hard drive being ok.

Stacia's comments to Cy are so adorable.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, I was still smiling today about Zander interacting in such normal give and take without having a meltdown. Thanks for sharing the small victory with me.