Monday, September 29, 2008

PhotobucketA Couple of Things....

I have felt a strong call to prayer for our nation and all the candidates running for various offices in November. It has been such a strong call that I'm quite sure I'm not alone....however....I thought this a.m. I'd mention it....remember, the Bible calls us to pray for our leaders and for those in authority over us. Pray as you are led. I know that I've been led to pray for safety of all our Presidential candidates, among other things.

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Linda said...


Thank you for posting this! In church this weekend, we received a prayer map of America and a flyer urging us into "30 days of prayer for America". Each day, prayers are requested for certain states and leadership.

I think I will post the daily prayer to my blog - I hope that your readers will come there for specific states and leaders to pray for. We need to cover this country in solid and constant prayer!

Anonymous said...

I've been urged to pray as well. I just have this feeling that something "major" is going to happen soon....

Jen in Wa

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've been feeling that pull to PRAY for our country and the candidates. In 2004 I remember how important that election was but this one seems WAY more important.
Thank you for sharing that.
Laura J.