Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stacia's Grand Adventure

Heather, my hair stylist, was gracious. She had given me her cell phone number before and told me to call if I ever had a "hair emergency." I laughed and had a hard time imaging ever calling.

Stacia changed that. I am busy all afternoon, all Fri - Sunday and KNEW this would bug me to wait until Monday. Heather came in 2 hours early so she could take care of Stacia.

Heather assesses the damage
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Then begins cutting
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Heather put in layers and the look is good for Stacia
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Stacia LOVED the blow drying and styling....she loves to sit and watch me get ready and NOW she gets to use the tools too.
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There are just a couple of spots by her ears that don't hide well
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Stacia asked, "How can we come back to see Heather?" as we left.
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Dancing in the living room...if we were staying here I think I'd get her involved in one of the little girl ballet classes.

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I am so glad I could fit this into a THURSDAY. I'll feel better about the weekend knowing I've dealt with the wild child and her style. ::snort::

©2008 D.R.G.


kmjrose said...

Cute cut! And what a rascal that adorable Stacia is!! I just love the expressions.

berrypatch said...

I love her new 'do! Don't you always find that children seem to automatically age with every hair cut??

Linda said...

It looks lovely on her! She looks older now...but oh, so CUTE with that little layered bob look!

I have been blessed that neither of my children has taken scissors to their hair (or each other's)

Stephanie said...

She's adorable! I just love that style. It screams personality!

Debbie said...

Hurray for Heather. What a cute cut! Stacia looks adorable.

Renee said...

It looks adorable....

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Heather is a hero, and Stacia is adorable!

Oh my goodness, though, she looks about five!

Jodi said...

Very good damage repair!

Anonymous said...


Phone has been out a couple of weeks.... wires.

Catching up. Flowers neat. Love the haircut on Stacia. What a doll.

Headin to Seattle area in the morning. Beting's wedding. She is Noleh DeLaCruz's sister.



Linda said...

That hairsylist is a keeper! Can you get her to move with you? :)

Chris said...

Very cute. I can tell she loves it.

Anonymous said... I love the haircut...very cute! She's got Zander's "tick". lol. and she looks a lot like him too. it's cute.

c u soon!
Bre G

Laura in CT said...

That's one adorable haircut. Now how to make sure she doesn't do it again to guarantee another emergency visit to Heather? LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Julie - SHE DOES LOOK 5 - but she acts 3 - it creates a few "situations". LOL

Bre - I think she mimics Zander's stressed out nervous "tic".....

Laura - I've had the same thoughts as yours. LOL

Herd Momma said...

Way Cute! Hats off to Heather!

Anonymous said...


One question! Is that the size 5 or 6 dress we sent to Stacia? Yikes if it is..... what size does she wear anyway. What a sweetie.

Lookes a lot like you at times.

I remember you cutting you hair and Will's at the same time. :):):)

l/p Mom T

Anonymous said...

That is a great cut! Stacia's spirit shines through strong! What a lively lass! lol

Cynthia said...

YIKES! We've been fortunate in that none of our kids have cut their hair.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom - that is the size 5 dress you sent in August.

She WEARS size 5 but I think it's time to try 6 or 6x. LOL