Sunday, November 02, 2008


I'm getting my life reined in. It's funny! Our Bible study this week has been on living a disciplined life - the "look to the sluggard" Proverbs. I don't think I'm a sluggard...but I do think I needed to realign a few things.

I baked 4 more loaves of bread today. Two 7 grain and two Italian spices/onion/garlic loaves. Yum.

We went to chapel - twice.

The older boys went out paint balling with Josiah and a couple of friends.

I sent out a letter to the Central Region Web Contacts/Presidents.

I sent out a price sheet to our United co-op. It's THAT time again. Huh! Where IS this year going?

Lessons plans and Conference registration and I think that's IT for today.

Ah - Ice Cream night....yep....we'll have Vanilla, Moose Tracks, Tin Roof, Rocky Road, Cookie Dough.... We're at 170 total votes.

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Anonymous said...


Nice page background for your blog. My eyes likes the color better.

Ice cream we had our nightly dose and of course mine was cookie dough which is a tab bit better than the pecan stuff we got today at the store.

But hey, it's ice cream so.......


Mom T