Monday, August 25, 2008

Photobucket Arielle's Excitement....

Observant blog readers will have noticed that Arielle took to wearing Mike's glasses a lot on our vacation.

I took her to the optometrist today.

"What makes you think your daughter has a vision problem?"

"She keeps wearing her father's glasses when she wants to see things."


Arielle is a classic case of near-sightedness....guess that often develops between 11 - 12 years of age. Both her older sisters have glasses/contacts....none of the boys....and I need READING glasses. LOL

The doc said she could use them as often as she liked.....and so far Arielle hasn't taken them off. She's enjoyed games, reading signs, watching a movie.

Umm....not quite right... ::snort::
Much Better

Stacia said, "Arielle, your glasses BEUUUUUUUTIFUL! Did Mom buy them?"
That little stinker is eating a Yummy Earth, all fruit lolipop on my BED....busted.

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Anonymous said...

I second Stacia's sentiments. BEUUUUUUUTIFUL! {g}

Anonymous said...

Great glasses, Arielle!

Romany said...

Nice, unobtrusive glasses, Arielle!

Now tell your mum to go get tested! Decrepit ladies can get glaucoma and macular degeneration and need to be tested REGULARLY!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Dorothy - I went less than 6 months ago. I was SURE I needed bi-focals and she said my vision is still 20 - 15 - I just can't see anything up close. LOL Reading glasses it is - everything else was still o.k.

Gilda said...

Be sure to tell Arielle that she looks fantastic in her glasses. They are very flattering. We are scheduling eye appts. one per month for the next 6 months! I only have 2 not in glasses and they are complaining that they can't see. Sigh. We are just a bunch of blind folks! LOL!

Linda said...

She IS beautiful!

And for future reference...if you need extra glasses (and who doesn't? Kids break them or want cute styles, etc), keep the prescription, AND get the PD measurement (pupillary distance) and go to Zenni Optical text
Glasses start at $8 and "add-ons" (like tinting, bifocals, etc) are very inexpensive! Plus, flat rate shipping....

Anonymous said...


Hey, your glasses look nice on you.
Way to go!

love/prayers G'Pa & G'Ma T

Debbie said...

Great looking glasses, Arielle! Very stylish. Isn't it nice to be able to see!? I was in 7th grade when I got glasses and what a difference.

Anonymous said...

I agree, is affordable. Gh had me order the boys' glasses through them this year and w/shipping we paid $52.85 total for both. Need to plan on waiting though, because it takes a few weeks to receive them. Our Optomitrist provided the PD which made ordering easy.

Laura said...

Arielle looks great in her new glasses! Jonathan has new glasses this year and is doing so much better with them. I felt awful for not realizing he needed them!!!

Anonymous said...

oh yay! they look CUTE! (A LOT cuter than the pair I picked out for myself when I was her age...oh my word; )but yay! I'm so glad for her...

bre g

Jodi said...

Very nice glasses Arielle! Now Dad can have his back! VBG